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Resident Evil 3 Remake

This year has most definitely been a year for remakes and rebirths of my childhood. With the hype and my undying love for the remake of Resident Evil 2. I must say this game didn’t fall short scaring the crap out of me and keep my eyes looked to the screen. You never know what’s going to be around that corner.

With Raccoon City in ruins and with some of the best bosses in the Resident Evil series it’s really hard to say anything bad about this game. With the environment being so detailed from flickering lights to ambient sounds, the game really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Compared to the Resident Evil 2 remake, the combat here is a lot more entertaining. Jill has a new move that’s like a fast side step now so she can dodge some attacks. Jill can also use a few different weapons in the game with upgrades available for you as you progress through the story. You can never go wrong with shot guns though. Just saying.

Nemesis is back…he is strong….and quick….and like holy shit excuse me? For being as BIG as he is he can’t do that…or can he? When he does show up it’s so unexpected. He got me to squeak a few times in fear…this is one of two games that I can never feel completely safe in. The first being Deadspace.

Just like with Resident Evil 2, you are able to play as Carlos. I felt like he was a bit of a hardmode character as it wasn’t as easy to dodge or do other things as him. Sure you can be a bad ass, but if you can’t dodge outta the way…what are you good for ;P I must say, thought I enjoy a challenge…I do find myself playing Jill more than the Merc Carlos.

Keeping true the nature of the rooms and spots in the series, each room has a unique story to tell you. From useful items all the way to secrets there’s always something for you and a good reason for you to explore in the world. Sure, sometimes it can seem very tedious to do some of the tasks, but you are always rewarded for your time. Thankfully there is a map to help you find your way around but be careful….was that dead body here before?

Going into this game with just my memories to help, this game seemed like a torture room before now. Honestly at first I felt like it was going to be the same. I would push in areas where it was difficult to try to get past and with one wrong move, you are dead. Though this can be frustrating, I defiantly recommend taking your time with the puzzles and bosses to the best of your skills. Based on my level of knowledge from the original game, slow and steady survive the Zombie Hoards.

This game is a beautiful challenge. It brings back the amazing memories I have of the original game with adding modern age mechanics into it. It still feels like Resident Evil 3. This is a perfect game if you like to relive the glorious past but also if you fancy a scare.

RE 3 gets a 8/10. This is one of the games that I grew up with so I could be slightly bias. I like to give honest reviews and I honestly feel like this is a game you should pick up and play. The replay value is there. Maybe you missed this room on accident? Time to go back! Jill is EZ mode? Then play as Carlos. Just play until your little zombie loving heart forgets 2020.

Baldur’s Gate III

So, I am not usually one to pay into early access of games because I’m always worried that they won’t finish the game ect ect. Well, I broke that by getting this game. I want you to keep in mind that I have been patiently waiting for this game and I was so excited to see that it was in a playable state and I just had to get into it.

As of the time of this review (10/13/2020) this game isn’t completed. It is in an Alpha/Early access launch so this review will not be complete as of yet. I will be going over that I like, dislike and had problems with so you can make your own choice. Obviously I am somewhat bias right now and I think you should get it, but read what I have to say and go from there 🙂

So let’s get started with Character creation. There isn’t *that* many customization options. It’s not very in depth. Each race has preset faces, hair, horns ect. I wasn’t expecting a lot of customization right of the bat. But I personally find the faces are bleh, and I’m not excited about most of them. Each race has their own eye colors though that are pretty unique. There are about 6 classes right now to choose from which is also ok. I was excited to be able to make my D&D character in the game.

Movement is hit or miss. You can swap between free movement or turn based movement when out of combat. I did have a slight issue with movement where sometimes it wasn’t registering it, but I got around it. I just shrugged it off, made a note about it and moved in. I know what I was getting into when I got the game. I’m not going to be petty. If you can’t handle the game not seeing you click or moving then don’t get it right now. Wait until it comes out or more things are fixed.

The voice acting is very well done in my opinion. Sure sometimes the mouths don’t move and the character T-poses but that’s not anything I can’t get past. In fact, I think it’s hilarious and I think it gave the game charm. To match the voices, the graphics are super beautiful when they render. Sometimes you get those weird smooth graphics on characters or scenes. Though it takes away from the immersion….it’s not like I couldn’t get sucked back in.

Combat is also interesting. I think my horrible RNG followed me into this game. I found my rolls didn’t always work, which is fine. I died quite a few times because I didn’t make my saving throws or I just made bad moves. The combat is turned based, which I am partial to. I like the idea that I can see what my options are and I don’t feel that rushed. There are some mechanics you have to get used to and TK is a thing you can do. Trust me I did it many times on accident. RiP Us T.T

Level up is similar to that of D&D. You have skill points you can manually place or have the computer place what they think is best. There are also archetypes in the game as well and a spell book with a decent size. Sure you can’t just go around and pick any random spell but I do like that you can start with Grease. Who doesn’t like grease?! Synths. That’s who.

I made sure to keep in the dark about the story until today. I can tell this is a new era in the Forgotten Realms. From what I gathered from the intro, Mind Flayers (eeeeeeeeee!) have found a way to travel across the area on massive ships and you were captured. During the scenes a tadpole from their pool was given to you and your goal is to find a cure. There are several other side quests you can go on but at the same time you can just go about your business and get that thing out of your eye.

Over all, I’m happy with my purchase. Some of the weird ass bugs, glitches and other things can be annoying but it didn’t ruin my experience. I’m still rather happy with my purchase at the moment and I encourage you to check it out. Whether you wait or get it now is up to you. You can also check out my life stream from 10/7/2020 to see the game play and listen to me complain about Us dying or having to reset the game a few times to fix errors I made.

This early access gets 7/10 stars. I like the game but there’s still a lot that needs fixed. I knew what I was getting into when I got the game and I’m still happy with it.

Edit: While the game is staying at 7/10 stars I would like to add I have been experiencing some weird lag with some combat that caused me to restart my game to fix. So make sure you save when you can.

Session 4

The person is fully clothed hood up…it’s way to hot for hoods to be up. How strange. How strange. She seems to have no interest in talking to us and beelines for the town. the draeugar yells in druid and the person looks at them and keeps walking. We see a maptube on her back and a weird parcel on her him. We get close and we can see the woman’s face is covered in bandages.

We stop the woman walking. We try to figure out what is going on. She informs us that her name is tatter and she’s the apprentice of the mad mage. Whoa. She keeps walking and we follow her. When we get close to the camp shed just walks through but we are stopped. She did cast some arcane spell before getting there so that could have something to do with that but I cannot be sure.

The guards tell us that no townies are allowed here, but I think they forgot that I am not a townie, and I kind of want to see what her business is here. Fuck Clive. He won’t let me through. I’ll remember it. It’s almost like they forget I have the power to protect them.

After awhile Tatter comes back at sword point mumbling about dwarves I tell her Clive is worse over here. She tells us that she is weak over here because so we bring her back to the area we start to talking to her. I ask her about the realm and she says the talisman are only good for a year and they are rude. Weird. I ask her why she tells me it’s because they deny the gift the realm will give us. The gift of this fancy power they have over there.

We continue to talk to her, and I can feel her try to read my thoughts. I block it a few times. I can tell that she is getting a little testy with me after these. Not like it’s my fault..I mean it kind of is but still!. We talk about the witch being weak and he husband dying. I bring up the mushrooms and she hasn’t heard of this effect before so I offer to share my notes.  She is happy to accept and then keeps asking me about the talisman. I keep the information to myself. Why does she need to know?

Suddenly Tatter looks up and a large gem in beard dwarf appears and starts to speak.

“Hello all, I am your final contact before army of Khazak-Hadar Empire come for you. You are last humans left and we, like you, are tired of fighting. But your defenders do not seem to be. They are stubbron and refuse to come for yoour safety.

There are only two options left to you. Live in safety as prosperous workers in the Khazak empire or die, either here or to the monsters in the wildlands.

I urge you to convince suicidal soldiers to accept a peaceful transition of power. They work for you. Make your wishes for safety known For every night until bulk of Khazak forces arrive, we will show you how you die if peaceful resolution not reached”

And just like that, the image disappears and sparkles flutter down across the town.

That was strange. It’s time to gather supplies for the trip. I try to find medical supplies but there aren’t many in the town since the fucking military took them all. I was able to secure a bottle of Vodka, sewing kit and a bolt of cotton. However, before i can make it back to camp, loud thunder sounds and sparkles trickle down. Everyone is distracted. I make it to the medical camp and tell them I need supplies. It’s pointless to hoard all of the supplies when there’s no hope. I manage to get 4 bottles of antiseptic. I tell them there’s no real hope and if they truly want to be saved they should come with us. They hesitate. I tell them if they decide, they know what to bring me. They mention my new pet looks familiar. I just shake my head. Of course they know him. It’s Gerald, but I don’t care to explain what happened. They are a large waste of time at this point.

The next morning, that guard and another are at the wagon. I make them their talisman in exchange for several bandages. The other useless guard gave me nothing. I will remember this… Before long a large fight breaks out. I’m done making talisman to organize the wagon. I send Gerald out to deal with it. He yells loudly and pushes the people away…they disperse but the group starts to grow weary of my pet. The dirt dwarf confronts me in the wagon. I confirm it’s Gerald and explain how he wanted to be with me forever…with the neurotoxin and the fact he’s a human would prevent that we entered into an agreement of burning passion. Still skeptical he moves on. No one will take my love away.

I was informed the previous night that the talisman prevent the gifts only the strongest and hold. Being strong myself and told I would be fine, I agree to get rid of it, but only if it can be dispelled. This is a family heirloom after all. I was also told the family would only get help if they needed it if they didn’t have them either. I shrug. It is easy to convince them to go with it as well. It’s not much longer until we meet up with Tatter and walk through. It’s just like it was last time. I shrug off the feeling. But the Ackles, they panic. I try to calm them down. Tell them it will all be alright. They kind of nod.

I start to grow used to everything happening here. Everything seems less strange. The cries of loved one that used to be birds to the weird shadows in the corner of my vision. It seemed…normal now.

Tatter starts to walk with us for awhile and then points ahead of us. “Hewerhall is that way. I think you (the Ackles) will like it. The others, not so much. I think you will find it boring” she tells us. I have to agree. I’m here for power. I’m here to become strong…but I have to care about Gelfi. I know she’s fond of these humans and I don’t want to upset her more than I have to with bad news ect. I point the wagon into the right direction and we go off. The Ackles are still a little shaken, and it’s obvious. I try to comfort them the best I can but it seels futile. But don’t worry! The draeugar has a plan though! Don’t worry!

He creates a Mud snowman about 2 feet fall two peach pits fr eyes and a big open toothless mouth. He climbs up the wagon slowly, sloshing around as he spider man climbs and terrifies the children. The lil boy is just screaming bloody murder, the daughter is like ok… the parents are so confused. He then gets up to the top and dances and then they are like “oh ok yay! ” and enjoy the lilttle dance. They touch him and they realize this is mud and they get super excited and they are playing in mud. the lil dude is all for it and plays with the kids for 3 hours. The kind of dwarf tells them he has to go to sleep and then he turns into a puddle mud under the wagon.

It soon reaches night and we set up the camp. They sky is a lot different here than the other place. The sky had a aurora piercing though it, but not illuminating anything. It was almost relaxing but strange…The humans were a little scared. They didn’t want to camp outside, and wanted to sleep in the wagon. I inform them only two people can be in there at once, They ask if the kids can stay. Ugh! I allow the children to sleep in the wagon as long as they don’t touch anything, the parents under it as they wanted. Gelfi and Gerald make a fire. He removes his gauntlet to light the tinder.  I lean against the wheel while Gerald stands next to me, forever vigilant. I start my medication and I feel a lucid dream coming on. One that I don’t control. I shrug it and allow it to happen. I see my first patient. The first one that died. The first one that got me interested in how the living work.

The spirit tells me what would have happened if I didn’t do this. Gerald and Gelfi were making out as the rest of the group were laughing and having a good time. Weird. Suddenly the group points and laughs and I look over. Gerald and Gelfi stopped making out and start to play with organs. Not just any organs…they’re mine. I reach out to try to get them to stop but I wake from me meditation. I feel my stomach and shrug it off. Strange dream. I snuggle close to my armored pet and tell him if he ever leaves me I will end him. He nods and pressed his helmet covered face against my forehead in a cold, metallic kiss.

Session 0-3

Greeting fellow nerds! It has been awhile since I have posted a D&D story for you all! Due to the large amount of time from the game I ran, we decided to start a new campaign. This is going to be a little bit of a long post as we’re about 3 sessions in so far, but I promise you it is an amazing read.

Behold, the story of a rag tag group of adventurers and the Realm of the Mad Mage.

I, my readers, am an Elven doctor. My gnome partner and I were forced from our city by a dwarven attack. No one knows why they are suddenly turning on the other races at this moment but it was not fun to be displaced. The gnome and I managed to make it to Swelterguard. It is a small town that borderd the Domain of the Mad Mage. A little fact I know about this place is, power mages create these realms for them. But something made this one go insane. Poor fool.

Here in Swelterguard, I meet up with the rest of my party. Most having a similar story. Displacement by dwarves. There is another gnome who fancies magical spells. There is also a Dreugar who hates these dwarves with a passion and is really into dirt or something. Last, but not least, a human. I don’t know a lot about him at this point but that’s ok I guess.

I forgot to mention, the other gnome? Has a weird thing for my assistant. It’s weird but kind of amusing. But we can’t be distracted by love at this point. Gelfi, my gnome assistant and nurse, and I set up a make shift doctors tent to treat the injured. I’d rather see them stay ill but I rather enjoy money.

The last customer I had was strange. She came to me and held out a leaf filled with mud. She told me her husband bought it from the witch for fertility. I scoffed. “That is just mud” I told her she told me “I KNEW IT” before storming off. Poor man…

As the day ends, the magician comes back to us and tells us of a witch on the end of town that sells talisman, spells and protection. Weird…but they all want to go so we’re off to the edge of town to see this witch. It was clear that this town doesn’t like her. But how bad can she really be? *sigh*

As soon as we get there, there is man standing outside, he looks defeated. It wasn’t too much longer before we heard yelling and screaming inside the witches house. I went to see what was going on. I found a patient I had told hr husband bought mud. Oh boy…I tried to explain magic to this human and it could have been magic, but from a medical standpoint it’s mud. She scoffs and walks off. I am alone with this insane witch of a woman now.

The group enters the cabin as the couple leave and she starts to try to sell us her wares. The weird talisman, she said, would protect us from the realm so we can travel safely across into the lands. Being that she sold mud to a man, I turned down her offer. The duergar wasted their money on one. I felt confident that I could handle the realm. How bad can this be? We stand at the border now. I cross over…

I can feel it…it feels strange….unnerving…..As I cross the border it feels like a gust of wind blowing down on me before I am into the Realm of the Mad mage. It’s strange to me,…the sky is blue and pink and the clouds are moving very fast. The grass blows in the breeze shifting through the colors of the rainbow… The dirt dwarf? Saw nothing. It was normal to him.

We go to enter the cave, but the not Gelfi gnome doesn’t want to enter. I shrug it off. I really don’t care as I go inside. He tells us he’s going to find the crawfish and talk to them. Alrighty then…. He successfully finds the crawfish he was looking for and casts talk to animal on them. They tell him to go away and not to eat him. He informs them he doesn’t want to eat them and that he wants to talk to them about the mud here. They are just little babies and go fetch the eldest crawfish. The old man Crawdad explains he is the oldest and he has millions of children here and that the gnome can take the mud id he wants. Being around 30 minutes old, he has seen the everything there is to see and his millions of children will carry on his legacy. The gnome thanks him for his time, collects some mud and goes back to the cave we are in.

Fast forward a bit of time, we accidentally slaughtered (By slaughter I mean the human sliced the fucking thing in half) a pseudodragon and the human rushed his body to the military cleric who revived him. I later learned there are mushrooms that create neurotoxins and he was affected by them because he ate the mushroom…he acted like the witch who ALSO eats them. I tell the party they are poison and will fuck them up.

When we return to the town, the Dreugar tells us he is going to visit the mage which is fine. The DM shifts the story to them. It is now a pretty fun time. The witch starts to make soup with the mushrooms he brought back and she offers him some of the stew. He eats said stew. OOC I just stare at them and say “Didn’t I just tell you it was poison?!” I laughed, they laughed, the party laughed and they successfully rolled to save against the poison. Sure pays to be a type of dwarf.

Nothing else really happens from here. So skipping a few days after I find out I can make stuff last forever, I tell the commander i can help to help ease debt ect ect. I’m also totally fine letting everyone but a select few die from the dwarves but that’s just me. It is from there I hear the dwarves want to have a meeting. Oh no!!! We wait for the day of the meeting. As we await to see what happens….a weird woman appears. She tells us she’s the apprentice of the Mad Mage.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The Dragon Ball series has a lot of history. The whole series started back on April 26, 1989. Who’s would have known it would have over 30 games, and over 800 episodes with the name. It has to be one of the well known animes of it’s time.

But have you ever thought…what would it be like to have control over the world? To explore the world of Dragon Ball Z and defeat the BBEG of the franchise? Well fear not, for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is here to feed those urges. I must say, if you’re a fan this is a game for you! This year has been very hard on my wallet. With many games coming out that I have been watching for awhile it was hard to say no to this one.

I have always been a fan of the Dragon Ball Games. I love their unique fighters and some of their new ones added to the story. This game is no exception. I feel like there is a lot to do in this game over the others, but I still like that it feels like a DB game. The story mode for this game it what sets it apart from the rest.

Once you get through the start of the game, you can explore the world that is opened up to you. You’re able to explore the world while flying around as the good ol’ Kakarot. Between fighting minions, no names and other worthless NPC’s you eventually get through and fight the end saga bosses and hopefully you succeed.

Let’s talk about gameplay for a moment. Combat is a strong point in the game. You are able to pick and choose your combat style by what buttons or triggers you hit. Just like in the show, when you go Super Saiyan you become stronger. Over time, you run out of Ki and revert back to your normal state. Just like in their lore, you can’t stay Super Saiyan forever.

You have the power to pick and choose your attacks through the level up system and each character can have their own set. It’s a in depth system that involves level up as well as utilizing other characters you get to help progress your arc and your attacks. The more you play the more you can unlock, just like in the show.

The story line of the game, is a pretty good tie in for the show. If you haven’t seen the show or you have forgotten all of the fun parts of it this is a pretty good game for you. I can’t speak for everyone but I didn’t find the story boring. I remembered all of the sagas well so I would have assumed it would be boring to repeat it all but I loved the sense of power I had and feeling like Goku made it for me. Obviously, this is just for me but I still say it’s an enjoyable game and I think you guys will like it to.

It was so nice being able to see older characters from the arc as well as the new characters. I feel like this game has a lot to offer new and old fans alike. Though I did find the damage numbers to be a little annoying and the lack of outfit customization, I found the game to be enjoyable. I did, however, feel like there wasn’t a big call to be replayed right away but it’s a game I’ll keep in my library.

DBA Kakarot gets a solid 7/10 Dragon Balls from me. I loved the game itself but I could be picking on some details that are meaningless. Some of the arcs I found to be a little lack luster but it’s still solid. The good out weighs the bad in my opinion and I feel like you should check it out!

I think that’s a first

Darksiders Genesis

So, this game first came out on PC last year but I didn’t get a chance to play it and when it was launched on console I thought, why not. This was a game series I love and I was so excited to see it was going.

For those who don’t know, Darksiders is a hack and slash type series that’s been around for quite awhile. So far, you have gotten to play as 3 siblings in their attempt to free one of their own as you go on with the series. This game, however, is the start. This is about Strife. This will be the first game that you are able to play him as well.

The dual pistol weilding protagonist is a great addition to the Darksider’s Universe. I was quite excited about the change. I’ve grown found of War’s play style of running in and hacking up the bad guys and going on. Strife is more glass canon type. The best strategy is to keep your distance and pew pew.

This game, is from the first person prespective. I didn’t really even mind. I’m a big fan of Third person games like this and normally frown upon first person but truthfully I didn’t mind at all. I was able to control my character with ease and that was the most important part. It’s hard to get into a game where you can’t really see yourself and end up missing everything you’re trying to hit because you just can’t see. UGH!

Most of the time, to be honest. I don’t find too much replay values. Most games are just kinda meh. I buy them, I beat them and I check out end game before I quietly put the game down and move on. This game was different for me. I wanted to go back and see if there was anything I missed. The environments and the amazingly done levels kept me playing the game for quite awhile (mostly until the next game came out hahah)

Truthfully, this game wasn’t as finished as the other games that have come before it. It has it’s bugs and glitches and it’s other keybinds ect. This is almost pushed aside by the fantastic combat, the great puzzles that made you really thing about to solve. The massive levels make the explorer in my so happy and it drew me back to the places I’ve been just to ensure nothing was missed.

The play time is a little short, I think I put about 16 hours into it or something like that…but it was well worth it all. Though I’m a fan of the older styles, I still enjoyed myself enough to give my copy to a friend to play and so on.

Darksiders: Genesis is a great game and was super entertaining. I def think you should give it a try if you like puzzles, shooting and beating people over the head with a giant ass sword.

There are a lot of good things about this game I like and I really think you guys should check it out! It gets a solid 7/10 review!!

Ugh this year I swear

There is a lot going on and I swear, this year is just trying to kill me. Or at least make sure that I am aware of how it’s treating everyone haha.

2020 has been a year for us all, hasn’t it? Between new health problems and everything it’s hard to get everything going and keep it going… I have fallen behind on a lot of things and it’s not on purpose.

I’ve got a lot more going on in the health field and I has been making things a little more difficult on me. It’s nothing I can’t make it through so that’s what you guys should worry about. The time I can’t fight and be me.

I am aware that I have fallen behind on reviews and I apologize. It has been a few months since I’ve written anything. I have been more active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter though so I’m keeping some promises I made at the start of the year hehe.

I have still quite a few things to work on. I have over 10+ reviews I’m going to work on and hopefully more fun games come out so I can keep up with it. I’ve found quite a few fun games to keep myself occupied while I”m at home trying to feel better. I’m going to try to review the games in the order they came out so it has some sort of order haha but don’t get mad if I don’t ;P

I’m attempting to make sure they post every Tuesday like usual so you guys know when to check back! I am also going to make sure the newsletter is working so you guys never miss a moment for UnicornMuffinTV 😀 There’s a lot that’s going to be happening in the next few weeks so hopefully…I can do this heh

But hey, here I’m here now! If you haven’t, check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and drop a like and a follow my way!!!

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Final Thoughts

With the announcement of the physical copies of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands collectors editions I know that BFA is finally coming to a close. It’s time for my final review of the expansion and my hopes for the new one in several months.

So, I had already done my first review a few years ago. You can read it here. At the time, BFA was just here for me. There was a lot going on and a lot of gray areas in the story line. The slaughter of thousands of innocents, the betrayals…everything just made me feel unheroic. I’m sure you’re probably thinking.

“But Lily….you’ve been streaming BFA all the time why are you still sad?” Well let me tell you. To be honest with you guys, this expansion had a lot of promise. I finally felt like maybe, just maybe, the game was going to go back to it’s glory days. In some aspects it did. At the very same time though, it left my wanting more. I wanted to feel redeemed as the Champion of Azeroth. I wanted to really save her. I don’t feel like I did.

I know it seems crazy to care so much about an internet world so much but when you spend 15+ years in this universe it starts to grow on you. I digress though. The whole plot of this expansion made it seem like Lady Sylvanas was supposed to be a Garrosh 2.0. In fact she seemed slightly batshit. Now I want to add, I also read the books that are the intro to the expansions so I read about Arathi. It was heartbreaking, but that’s another story.

They really made her out to be a pawn of sorts. To be this character we are either to love or hate. She quite literally flew the bird at the Horde and even her own race. The same race that she had been working so hard to save. And for what….? What did she really accomplish? Not a lot if you ask me.

To be fair…the WTF face that forsaken guard made when she confessed that nobody meant anything to her anymore was pretty great. Gave me a good chuckle. But that was about it. There were so many wtf moments it’s hard to pick my favorite one, but this one is one of the good ones.

The real question I have for you guys was, do you even know what the whole reason of this expansion was? Because I seemed to have lost it. With a PvP mode that wasn’t ever watched or controlled by Blizz to the lack luster storyline they created it really makes me wonder, what exactly was the point of the “Battle for Azeroth”? Like was there a real point to anything?

I don’t even feel like a hero this time. The intro to this expansion was amazing and it really hit me in the feels, but now…I don’t feel anything. I feel like they just kind of tossed a lot out, retconned and lacked empathy for a lot of stuff. Personally, nothing really felt connected. What is the point of N’Zoth really? It felt like this was another fight that the Hero has to do to “save the world” in one way or another.

Don’t even get me started on War Mode. I know what you’re thinking “If you don’t like it turn it off” I get that. But, hear me out here. The lack of regulation there was made War Mode a nightmare. Literally, the opposite faction could do whatever they wanted (botting included kthx) and got away with it. There should still be some set of rules for this mode, but I feel there just wasn’t. War is cruel I suppose.

All in all, this was an expansion. It isn’t one of my favorite expansions, but it’s not my most hated expansion. The over simplifying of classes, the lack of any fun new mechanics and a broken part of the game doesn’t put it in my favor.

BFA is a solid 6/10 for me. In the beginning it was fun. At the same time, it got equally boring after some time. New patches and new content was fun, but in the end it lacked the ingredients to make it long lasting. I’m fairly disappointed by BFA…but at least I am not the only one.

But what does this mean?

I can’t wait for it to be over…and I hope that Shadowlands is better. The things I have seen so far have seemed to make it more favorable for me. However, time will tell what mysteries await us in the new lands. So until then, I will just keep running for mounts and trying to figure out what I am going to main. What will you be maining?

What a fun month

Hey guys, how is everyone? I hope you are all well! For the most part I know I have been quite silent this month and I apologize. I’ve been trying to focus on a lot of things and as of today (4/25/2020) it’s going to be changing.

With everything happening in the world, I am really and truly hoping everyone is safe and healthy. For the most part I am doing fine. Some of my health problems are giving me issues but it’s nothing I can’t handle right now. But I assure you all, as of right now it’s just my joints being a pain in my ass 🙂 Now, for the bigger news…

For those of you that don’t know, right now I am working for the GameStop in my town. We’ve been “open” for awhile and today will be the last day before my furlough begins. What this means for me is I’m getting an unpaid vacation for at least a month. This suddenly came about yesterday and was a bit of a shock. As it stands, we will be reopening sometimes soon. I think the biggest thing will be money but that’s not something you guys need to concern yourself with. 🙂

I’m going to take this time to reflect on a lot of things and take care of myself, my home and my family and friends. I’ve been having a steady job for most of my life and it’s going to be a weird shift to just suddenly stop with nothing to do. I just hope i don’t go crazy in the mean time. I’m a busy body who rather enjoys working (I’m weird I know haha) So I may be silent for a few days after today.

There was a DND Session yesterday so I have one of those post in the making but I’ve also been playing some new games so I can do those as well. But, this still goes back to, I will have a lot more free time to do things….

So what does this mean for you?

Quite a bit actually. I’m shifting my focus towards me. I have a few things that I need to take care of IRL before i shift focus to other things. I do have a few things planned.

I’ve began looking into starting a Patreon page so you can show your support when I am not streaming. I’m working on quite a few rewards for you guys and I hope they are worth while for you 🙂 I have some art I want to throw in as well as some custom pieces for different tiers to keep it interesting. I have a bit more tweaking to do on it which I will try to finish next week and get it up and running.

I have also reopened Fallen Wish Art for all of your custom icon, emotes and gif needs. I have been trying to work on my digital style and have been also planning on redoing my emotes to reflect on it. I still want to do work for you guys! So, please, let me know if you need anything down Translations also have several slots open as well so I’m there for your Japanese needs. I prefer written translations but I can do audio (I can’t voice act for shit tho just a warning)

I’ll be doing a lot more streaming. I’m going to try to spice up everything and do some cooking, art and other random streams to keep my sanity in check while I am with out my job for a bit. I think now is the time were i can focus on having fun and enjoy everything I do. Though I’ve shifted my focus back to WoW I think I want to add more games to the list. I’ll get a schedule written up here shortly to go over what days are what to give you guys an idea of what I will be doing. I’m going to try to stick with my sleep schedule so there may not be too many late night streams.

As always, I want to thank you all for your support. You keep me going and remind me to do what I love and it’s nice to have that support. You are all amazing humans and I love every one of you! With out you, none of this is possible! Keep rocking it!!

I'm live! Come say Hi!