Where do you live?
I live in the state of Illinois. That’s all I’m going to tell ya 🙂

What games do you like?
Literally everything except Sports games. Not a big fan of those. If I want to play a sport, I will go outside.

Do you play on console and  can I add you on Xbox/Playstaion/Steam

Sorry, I don’t play on console very often. I am a PC gamer.  And due to my busy schedule, I really don’t play with anyone other than my friends since I can’t play with them as much anymore. So I hope you can understand.

What are your tattoos?

Chest: Zombie eating a human heart (His name is Henry) and the Fey Grace

Right Arm: The Alliance symbol, The horde Symbol with Lok’tar Ogar under it and a baby Murloc
Left Arm: The Gene Co Logo and “Chase the Morning”

Shoulder: Kanji for Kitsune and a Spirit Fox

Can I  get pictures of your tattoos?

No? That’s kind of weird. I mean you can see them when I stream, or I can totally move a little close to the stream to show you (WITHIN REASON). But I’m not giving anyone
pictures. That’s weird. 

What’s your name?
Lily. But I also go by Muffin and sometimes Bear. But if you want my full name it’s Lily Furborn, Mother of Chinchillas, Giver of Treats and Cleaner of Poops.

How old are you?

Can I add you on Skype/Snapchat/Anything other than discord?
You can always follow me on Facebook or talk to me on discord. I don’t use other media outlets enough to keep them installed.

What server on WoW do you play on?
Sorry, I don’t really disclose that. Bad times always happen.  I also don’t really add people on Btag neither. Sorry.

I'm live! Come say Hi!