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Each limited designs is going to last 1-2 months. At the end of the year, they will all be available again before disappearing and moving to canvas prints only on deviant art.

Custom art made by me for you!

Let’s be real, you like what you see and you want some of it. I get it. I do. You can check out some canvas prints over as my Deviant Art Shop. All prices are marked for the canvas prints. This has a list of all of the services I offer. 

For prices for other services and what I make custom, please send an email for lily@unicornmuffin.TV!

Can’t read Japanese?
That’s alright! I offer manga Translations. I will do my best translating so you can enjoy reading that series both new and old. Prices and time frame depend on how many/long the manga is and if you want anything else done.  For prices and what else I can offer, please send an email for lily@unicornmuffin.TV!

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