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Best world quest ever!!!

You can tell by the way he walks he’s a woman’s Hydra.

The Great Bit War of the D3 Stream

When you close a tab too early, but you’re not ready to completely close out of the stream.

Experiment in Overwatch

Just another chinchillin’ moment

How I flirt with people

Playing some MC and one of my Furry Friends voiced they didn’t enjoy Respawns

Gaming with Friends: Natural Selection 2

Gaming with Friends: Science Victory? NOPE

Another awesome installment of Civ 5 with my friends! We were aiming for a science victory and was very close but someone…The Maya…decided other wise. I think it was an act of Revenge due to the fact he couldn’t get rid of the Embargo on his City or maybe the fact I used about 5 atomic bombs to beat the Huns. I don’t know! But it lead to a very exciting game!

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