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The Great Bit War of the D3 Stream

Stream Update and everything fancy goin’ on!!!

Hello and happy end of the month and exciting new things and everything!! This is a special blog post for all of you guys who watch my stream! Stuff is going to be changing a little bit with regards to the stream!

I’m throwing way more games in the mix! Mount Runs will still be a thing in my stream, but I’ve decided it’s time to shy away from being the WoW girl we all know and expand a little bit. I’ve added some 3ds games to my list as you’ve noticed! Right now it’s a matter of finding what ones are supported where and find the happy median!! Though I do enjoy WoW, and I don’t think that will ever change. I want to go back to being a full variety streamer 😀 I am open to any and all game suggestions!!!

Twitch has a loyalty program now! You earn points for every 10 minutes you watch the stream and you can redeem the points for songs, invites and all of that fun stuff! As with everything, I want your guys to tell me what I can do to improve 😀 If you want to see a reward just shoot me an email!!! For those watching and Beam and Youtube, I”m working on getting one set up for you guys so don’t worry!!!

This kind of goes with the next streaming point.  I’m going to have different themes of a sort for the streams!!! I’m going to have Q&A streams while playing games. All I do ask, and I will say this every stream, keep them civil and not perverted please. 🙂 I don’t think that’s hard to ask. All stream rules will apply as well.

The biggest news of them all! There is now an official UnicornMuffin Games Discord that I open for all to join!!!

So with all of this being said I’ll let your eyes rest 😀 Hope everyone has a great March and I’ll see you later today during the live stream!!!!

Open to any and all suggestions! Shoot me an email and let’s talk!!!!