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Year to date update

So, this is going to be posting this to everything but I am not dead. I’ve been a little sick but that’s about it.


I know I’ve said some things in the last post, and I wanted to go over what happened knowing that for the time being, I have it all figured out and fixed.  So here’s a month by month breakdown.


January: Winter finally got to me and with a mix of the seasonal depression and lack of motivation I couldn’t get anything down, nor wanted to do anything. It was rough, but I just NOW got over everything (But then it started to snow again FML). I did have a great birthday though…not a lot of people said or did anything but it was alright.

February:  Gosh, it was pretty much the same deal as January minus my birthday. I managed to get a few streams in but that was about it. At this moment, I was also informed of the declining health of my grandmother which was distracting enough. On top of that, my boss had me work a little more.


March: This was a rough month. I had two emergency trips scheduled and it took away my time. I did end up losing my grandmother at which point I was just done, mentally. I’m sure a lot of you can understand, or at least I hope you do. It’s been a rough start to the year, but I’m going to work hard on going back to the plan I had before. I’ve been playing a lot of the new games so the reviews may be a little late or out of order, but know I”m stil out there playing stuff..



So now for the new stuff. In case you haven’t read the other blog post I still have a plan set up to make 2018 such an awesome year.  So what can you expect? I’m also adding a little bit more


A) I will be trying to do late night streams as well as utilize my time off to make the most of streaming. With that being said I’m also adding more to my stream like more creative streams and trying to get away from WoW, shocking I know!

B) I’m going to set up a schedule for myself for my reviews, blogs and other funness. I’m also trying to work out how to bring the podcast back. I had a lot of fun with it and I think it’ll be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

C) I am working on a Patreon for you guys. So what does this mean? I can offer you guys a ot more for being a fan and follower. I’m getting it all put together and will hopefully have it up and running here in the next few weeks

D) Fallen Wish is on a slight pause. It will reopen when I get everything situated. to be honest, With the depression and the loss of my grandmother, my house is still messy and I need to focus on that until I feel comfortable enough to focus on all of my tasks

E) I’m going to be working on new pieces and icons for blogs and other things so keep an eye out for that.

So with that being said, that’s all I have right now. So you can expect to see me more active on here 😀 YAY!!!

Stream Update and everything fancy goin’ on!!!

Hello and happy end of the month and exciting new things and everything!! This is a special blog post for all of you guys who watch my stream! Stuff is going to be changing a little bit with regards to the stream!

I’m throwing way more games in the mix! Mount Runs will still be a thing in my stream, but I’ve decided it’s time to shy away from being the WoW girl we all know and expand a little bit. I’ve added some 3ds games to my list as you’ve noticed! Right now it’s a matter of finding what ones are supported where and find the happy median!! Though I do enjoy WoW, and I don’t think that will ever change. I want to go back to being a full variety streamer 😀 I am open to any and all game suggestions!!!

Twitch has a loyalty program now! You earn points for every 10 minutes you watch the stream and you can redeem the points for songs, invites and all of that fun stuff! As with everything, I want your guys to tell me what I can do to improve 😀 If you want to see a reward just shoot me an email!!! For those watching and Beam and Youtube, I”m working on getting one set up for you guys so don’t worry!!!

This kind of goes with the next streaming point.  I’m going to have different themes of a sort for the streams!!! I’m going to have Q&A streams while playing games. All I do ask, and I will say this every stream, keep them civil and not perverted please. 🙂 I don’t think that’s hard to ask. All stream rules will apply as well.

The biggest news of them all! There is now an official UnicornMuffin Games Discord that I open for all to join!!!

So with all of this being said I’ll let your eyes rest 😀 Hope everyone has a great March and I’ll see you later today during the live stream!!!!

Open to any and all suggestions! Shoot me an email and let’s talk!!!!

January Update

Brr! January sure is cold here!!! And with that comes snow, Ice and other wintery goodness!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and brought in the New Year with a BANG! We sure did!


With the begining of a new year brings the new Video Game Era. With the release of the Next Gen Consoles, many people have been staying inside their nice warm house and relaxing.


We here at UnbicornMuffin Games have been hard at work playing games for you guys and give you the 101 about them! This month We have a lot of games lined up! From PC to Mobile! You can expect an exciting review every monday from yours truly!


I have fallen a wee bit behind on some of the videos due to the holidays as well as being sick! But don’t worry! I am feeling SO much better and will be catching up on my sick days!!!


If you have any game suggestions, comment below or send us an Email at!


As always, don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!


Let’s bring in the New Year Right!!!