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Minecraft 3DS Edition

Man…I’m not sure what to feel about this game. I am all for Minecraft, and I use to when I’m trying to clear my mind. So when I heard this edition was coming out, I was all for it.


Now, this may be because I’m slightly older than the intended players, so I guess I found it a little difficult.  Though it’s just like the other minecraft games, the one thing I found difficult was using the c-stick the look around, other then that everything made sense.


Now, if you’re looking for a minecraft game, this is perfect, once you get used to the C-stick. It’s just like Final Fantasy Explorers and Monster Hunter 4.


It’s a great time killer and overall a great game. But it wasn’t my cup of tea. I still have it to play once in awhile but I think I’m going to stick with my PC version of MC 🙂


My honest rating is 7/10 thought I don’t like it, I like Minecraft itself. And just because I don’t like one thing about it doesn’t make this a bad game. Literally once I got used to the c-stick it was pretty fun.

Playing some MC and one of my Furry Friends voiced they didn’t enjoy Respawns

Feed the Beast: Minecraft Mod Pack

Feed the Beast sounds like it would be one of those simulation games that you have to feed some sort of monster, does it not? I can assure you that it is not that. Infact you may be surprised as to what it is.


Feed the Beast is actually Mod packs to Minecraft. Though the items in the game are similar to that of the Technic Pack, the game is still unique in it’s own ways.


For those of you who have played Minecraft. The idea of the game has not changed at it, but with every mod pack, there are awesome additions to the game!!!


My favorite Mod pack would have to be Forestry. This nifty little pack adds so much to the game! It adds different ores, farming and new items! The item I found the most interesting was the Bee Keeping. You build a Apiary and mate bees to get better bees then you put them in the house and let them do their magic. they can produce special saplings for different trees and Honey! I have a few houses and Apiaries set up in my tree ranch =D They’re a Huge help!


FTB also includes IndustrialCraft2. This adds Solar Panels and such to the game for more ways to interact with specific blocks. If you played Technik, then you’d understand this Mod and why its so awesome =D


Another interesting feature this mod pack has, is texture packs built in. It’s rather nice not having to take the time and finding a pack then installing it, then if it’s not right having to use the patcher and fix it and go through that huge mess. You don’t have to do it with that =D It does it for you!

There is still so much I don’t know about the scary world I’m in, but I hope to explore it all very son! If you enjoy minecraft and Technic, you’d really enjoy this =D Give it a try, you really should!!

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Technic Pack: Hexxit

Can’t decide if you want to play with Chocobos or build awesome things? Why not both? You can’t really go wrong with it. Can you? Personally, I don’t think so because these are two of my favorite things =D

I have played Hexxit enough to know that it’s Minecraft with chocobos. I get that. So there’s not much to say. We ran our own server and I took over a castle and made it my home.  In my castle I had a house a farm and animals. Whoot! I literally never had to leave my house which was cool.

The boss fights are pretty different! There’s some rares that walk around too. Each boss actually has a strategy to them! Some are weapon to magic others you have to throw stuff at them. There was a lot of thought put into this system! Each drops a special time. When you finish dungeons, bosses drop trophies! They can be a weapon specific to that boss or a miniature of them!

The new area: a beautiful colorful forest! Naga and Hydra reign over the area of multicolored glowing trees! It’s quite a sight! If you are known to have lag problems with Minecraft then this wouldn’t be the best place for you to visit. I had trouble the first time I went there and died.

Some of the mechanics of Hexxit were a little broken. Sometimes their mystery doors would glitch out and I would get stuck. That was super annoying. I’m not one for cheating into creative mode to help escape sticky situations but I didn’t want to die because of that. It was just silly.

The chocobo’s are also a little glitchy too. Several times I would lose control of them while riding them,  though it was exciting to go where they took you it was annoying at times. Regardless, they were so fun to ride!

There is still so much more to Hexxit then I can put to words! It’s defiantly worth playing if you enjoy Minecraft and like new things in the MC universe!

Hexxit gets a 7/10 Lily Points! It’s really worth playing but not if you can’t handle glitches and dying a lot. Learn the strategies and how to play and you’ll be golden! Like a Carrot =D