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Rebirth and Renewal: Welcome to UnicornMuffin TV

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Where have I been?

Hey everyone, it’s your GM Lily here. 2022 has been a tough year for me. I’ve had to take a break from social media for UMTV and focus on my health. So, that’s pretty much what this is about.

So, we found out that I have Spina Bifida Occulta. Essentially I have gaps in my spine, but my spinal cord, for the most part, is intact and not pushing out of my spine. We’ve been working on getting my pain under control. I know I have mentioned several times before about my back hurting and now we finally know why! We are currently checking to see if I have Spina Bifida in my neck as well…which brings me up to the next thing.

At the beginning of June, I was rushed to the ER with pain and symptoms mimicking a heart attack and a stroke. I was having a headache and was very disorientated most of the time I was there. I don’t remember a lot of what happened but it lead to me getting an MRI of my brain. First, I have one 😀 So we can mark that as a big ol’ yes! It was discovered that I had extra spinal fluid in my skull and it had started to apply pressure on my brain mimicking a tumor. On top of this, one of my optic nerves was swollen. At this point I was told we need to try to get this fixed before I go blind.

So right now, that’s where we are. Today, I had another MRI to check my neck and brain stem to see if I have Spina Bifida and from there we are looking into a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to see how bad the fluid in my brain is and if I need to go on medication.

I am very sorry I’ve gone dark on you guys. It was never my intention to disappear. Since we have answers and some treatment, I feel like I am able to be around more and stream and what not. But this is where the good news starts!

I do plan on streaming once more during the day. I will try to keep to my schedule I have but I do have to do a couple of updates on it as I am going to do this around my work schedule! I’m also going to be posting a lot more on FB, Discord, Instagram and Tiktok!

I love you guys so much and I hope all is forgiven! Much loves!!!

My thoughts on the recent Blizzard News

So, as I’m sure you are all aware, there has been a lot going on with Activision Blizzard in the recent weeks. Obliviously I know this has been going on for years but I want you all to know my thoughts on this because I feel like it is a very important topic to discuss. I’ve been asked a few times what my Point of View is about this so here it is. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of what to write so…I think it’s time.

I have been a Blizzard player for many years. Most of my fondest memories with gaming has been a Blizzard game. There has been a lot of things that I have stood behind them and didn’t think anything of it. Most companies do some shady stuff but this…this is a new level of heartbreak honestly. This is something that has actually hit very close to home as I am a victim myself of this kind of stuff and much worse, but I digress as this is not part of this post.

I took pride in myself being a long time supporter of World of Warcraft and Diablo. To me, the games were so much fun and just exciting. The fond memories I have have always been something I cherished as the years went on. My first step into Molten Core all the way to my first trip to New Tristram. Now, I just have this horrid taste in my mouth….

I am very disappointed in this company. To allow this disgusting behavior to go on KNOWINGLY is unacceptable. I have never been more saddened with a company than I have this one. What’s worse their initial apology was just so cliche…it was tone deaf. I could just feel their lack of empathy for this. So I ask them, how could you? Something so fucking serious…

The now Former CEO’s email was also disgusting. To say that there was no merit to the lawsuit really grinds my gears. my biggest fear is….nothing is going to happen…even typing those words made my eyes water. To think about the victims and how little he cares is so…UGH! Let’s now talk about him stepping down. Do I smell scapegoat? This entire situation is just so upsetting.

I am truly disappointed in AB right now. For the moment…I will play WoW during Raid times and for resets as I have canceled my subscription (I do 6 months), Diablo will be only when asked to play with someone. I have no interest in supporting the games I grew up with and it leaves a hole in my heart.

Get your shit together AB.

It is going to take a LOT to get me to come back…My faith is wavering though… but that’s a topic for another day.