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New World Closed Beta

I love the story and the idea of it. You were sent off to find a lost land where no one has come back from. Those who venture just disappear. No debris. corpse nothing. Just vanished. You set off on your adventure where you find out, first hand, what has happened the the crewmen before you and some how survive the grim fate that has befallen those before you.

There is a bit of character customization but it’s not as in-depth as a few other games. There aren’t any number dials like for noses and such but there are quite a few faces, hair styles and a glorious color wheel so you can customize as much as you want with those regards. I am a little sad you can’t change sizes of facial features ECT but I was able to make a super kawaii Viking with twin buns and a glorious beard. uwu =^.^=

I find the play style appealing and you can pretty much okay whatever you want to play. Magic classes seen to suck mana but I’m a tank class so that doesn’t do much to me. The fight style is very similar to other click fighters like Black Desert Online and Tera.

The talent tree is pretty linier. It’s more based off stats and the weapon you want. Example you need strength to use axe sword mace shield. You select different alternative attacks but you have to make sure you keep the weapon type or you just are kinda stuck. But this brings up the fact you can basically multi class. Example: You can alt-weild a staff with a sword level up your intelligence and strength and be a spell sword. You do need to swap weapons though too use the alternative attacks but you can do that. Weapon skills and usage are all based around your basic stats like Dex Strength Int ect.

You can pretty much do whatever you want in the have as well. Farming materials is a thing and you level up those skills like any other profession. Nodes are single use first come first serve so you can wait for the spawn or move on. Though I find this very annoying, there are so easy fixes around this. I understand mobs being one use only but Nodes and what not shouldn’t me. You are able to pretty much see what anyone is doing at any given time and it can create some…clutter in the overworld.

The idea of a campsite is nice as it allows you to rest, cook craft basic items and such but with how many people are playing and the fact you can see everything another player does, it can take away from the immersion when you see 100+ camp sites in one area. A perk with having so many in one area though is you always know where a town is and it looks like it’s ablaze. So that’s interesting but at the same time I don’t enjoy clutter in games…. But I suppose that could be a personal taste.

I haven’t seen any mounts yet but I’m not sure if they are going to include them. So far it hasn’t made the gave boring to just walk to the objective points.

There is also an economy system in the hand as well as factions. There if I remember correctly wars that you can fight with other affections to gain control of territories and depending on which faction owns a territory will affect auction house pricing and taxes how much experience you gain in an area etc.

There is a lot this game has going for itself and I am sad that it got pushed back. I was hoping this would be a release review but sadly we have to wait a bit more for that. I do suggest giving it a try though as it does have some things to get used to and what not that could make the game a terrible experience for you.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Final Thoughts

With the announcement of the physical copies of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands collectors editions I know that BFA is finally coming to a close. It’s time for my final review of the expansion and my hopes for the new one in several months.

So, I had already done my first review a few years ago. You can read it here. At the time, BFA was just here for me. There was a lot going on and a lot of gray areas in the story line. The slaughter of thousands of innocents, the betrayals…everything just made me feel unheroic. I’m sure you’re probably thinking.

“But Lily….you’ve been streaming BFA all the time why are you still sad?” Well let me tell you. To be honest with you guys, this expansion had a lot of promise. I finally felt like maybe, just maybe, the game was going to go back to it’s glory days. In some aspects it did. At the very same time though, it left my wanting more. I wanted to feel redeemed as the Champion of Azeroth. I wanted to really save her. I don’t feel like I did.

I know it seems crazy to care so much about an internet world so much but when you spend 15+ years in this universe it starts to grow on you. I digress though. The whole plot of this expansion made it seem like Lady Sylvanas was supposed to be a Garrosh 2.0. In fact she seemed slightly batshit. Now I want to add, I also read the books that are the intro to the expansions so I read about Arathi. It was heartbreaking, but that’s another story.

They really made her out to be a pawn of sorts. To be this character we are either to love or hate. She quite literally flew the bird at the Horde and even her own race. The same race that she had been working so hard to save. And for what….? What did she really accomplish? Not a lot if you ask me.

To be fair…the WTF face that forsaken guard made when she confessed that nobody meant anything to her anymore was pretty great. Gave me a good chuckle. But that was about it. There were so many wtf moments it’s hard to pick my favorite one, but this one is one of the good ones.

The real question I have for you guys was, do you even know what the whole reason of this expansion was? Because I seemed to have lost it. With a PvP mode that wasn’t ever watched or controlled by Blizz to the lack luster storyline they created it really makes me wonder, what exactly was the point of the “Battle for Azeroth”? Like was there a real point to anything?

I don’t even feel like a hero this time. The intro to this expansion was amazing and it really hit me in the feels, but now…I don’t feel anything. I feel like they just kind of tossed a lot out, retconned and lacked empathy for a lot of stuff. Personally, nothing really felt connected. What is the point of N’Zoth really? It felt like this was another fight that the Hero has to do to “save the world” in one way or another.

Don’t even get me started on War Mode. I know what you’re thinking “If you don’t like it turn it off” I get that. But, hear me out here. The lack of regulation there was made War Mode a nightmare. Literally, the opposite faction could do whatever they wanted (botting included kthx) and got away with it. There should still be some set of rules for this mode, but I feel there just wasn’t. War is cruel I suppose.

All in all, this was an expansion. It isn’t one of my favorite expansions, but it’s not my most hated expansion. The over simplifying of classes, the lack of any fun new mechanics and a broken part of the game doesn’t put it in my favor.

BFA is a solid 6/10 for me. In the beginning it was fun. At the same time, it got equally boring after some time. New patches and new content was fun, but in the end it lacked the ingredients to make it long lasting. I’m fairly disappointed by BFA…but at least I am not the only one.

But what does this mean?

I can’t wait for it to be over…and I hope that Shadowlands is better. The things I have seen so far have seemed to make it more favorable for me. However, time will tell what mysteries await us in the new lands. So until then, I will just keep running for mounts and trying to figure out what I am going to main. What will you be maining?


I’ve been playing this game since it was in closed Beta, and I fell in love instantly. With the game being released, I was anxious to see what was added. With the many new classes and dungeons, I’m excited about this game.


I’ve been a fan of this game since I came across it. I enjoyed the unique style of of the game, as well as how you play with the different races. It reminds me of Minecraft/Hexit. When you start out, you’re given the Warrior and the Dracolyte. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dracolyte. Trove has classes for almost every style of game play. You have your straight Up Melee like your Warrior and Candy Barbarian. Then you spell casters like Dracolyte and Ice Sage. They even introduced Stealthy classes like Shadow Hunter and Neon Ninja to the game. The only type of play I don’t see in the game is a healing/support type of class. Some fights can get tough, and with Corner Stone Plots scattered, sometimes it’s hard to fill your health flask.


Wait a minute, what’s a Corner Stone plot, Unicorn? Only one of the best things about Trove! You’re given a house plot, for FREE and you have the power to make it look like whatever you want! =o How awesome is that? You can go up and down in the plot. Of course, you can’t build anything outside of the plot area, even a square or it will stay when you move your house. In the plots, you can create just about anything, torches, portals and even different colored blocks. \


So let’s talk Class. There’s so many to choose from, but there are some repeats in my opinion. Like Boomeranger and Shadow Hunter. Each offers their own flair to dungeoneering. There’s no customization save the Masks, Hats and weapons you get. If you feel like spending the money, you can buy costumes that really just kinda change colors with small variabilities. I really don’t mind this, but it would be cool to see some fancy things you can do that are free.


Dungeoneering is another great addition to this game. Dungeons tend to repeat themselves a lot, and you do the same fight over and over again, but they do offer a fair amount of Xp when completed. Some dungeons offer up something called “Scrolls” these fancy Do dads give you the ability to create new items for your Corner Stone that you find in specific areas. Like Candoria, you can get Candy Chimneys and pipes, that look delicious.


All in all, this game is unique in it’s own way. With the different classes and areas, it’s only a matter of time before you hit a repeat button on the area, it can get a little boring doing the same thing over and over again, or even seeing the same dungeon next to each other. The randomization in some area’s is silly. But that’s something neat about the game.


I’m giving Trove a 7/10. Though this game is fun and exciting, there’s so much they could have done but didn’t. Different classes (By different i mean like no repeats of a few classes), new dungeons just things like that, to be different from the Beta. At least it’s free to play! So anyone can enjoy the game!


Want to play?



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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

I wanted to wait to write this review until after raiding started to I can get a feel for the game and now just do it off of Dungeoning, Game play ect. I wanted to take the time to take in the game…Yeah that.


Well, now that I have had the chance to experience the expansion I’ve deemed that it’s World of Warcraft in a different story line that unless you don’t have a clue you kind of catch on. What do you mean by that Unicorn?? Same game new graphics. Old characters brought back in a new world and they aren’t really old Characters. Screw the Bronze Dragonflight.


The game.

It’s WoW. For those who have played it you know what I’m talking about. You’re the Hero among millions of Heros out to save the world from something trying to destroy it..Except this is an Alternate universe of a universe we’ve had in the “real” world. But…I think I might be missing a few details…


How to be a hero

I’ve been playing for a long time…I’ve been here for many of the changes Blizzard has done but I must say…a baby could now play this game and be amazing at it. I feel like the game has been dumbed down a lot since it first came out. You choose from a list of Talents that you ever every specific level and you go from there. It’s pretty easy to decide what talents you want for your spec for the most part.


The new wave of mechanics

I’m speechless when it comes down to the mechanics of this xpac. Every dungeon or raid before had straight forward mechanics. Dodge this, hit this do this. Nope. That seems to be thrown out the window.  It’s more like “Burn this, charge this mob into this mob oh shit watch out for vomit! AHHH these need more ghosts!” The heck is wrong with these guys? I’m all for new things, but some of the mechanics are just outright stupid, and a bit infuriating.



New items?

The Garrison are one of my favorite features. It’s so much better than the farms back in Panda land. (for those who played back then you all know the pain). Each garrison is unique to it’s character and you can do many things from Gardening to professions. Did I mention professions are basically useless now? I didn’t? Well they are. Sad to say all the gold and time you use to waste to get to max level Alchemy poof. There’s a plot for that.


Character models got a nice upgrade. Every thing has been redone to fit the new graphics put in the game. It’s a bit more realistic now, but it’s so much more beautiful! With the remake of some common creatures like Wolves and Raptors, it give the game a new outlook from Vanilla up to Cata.



I get that we are supposed to enjoy the beauty of the recreated Draenor but we can enjoy it from the air just as much. I don’t want to see grass and trunks of trees. I want to feel the breeze in my hair while I’m flying around on a giant dragon. Come oooooon!


Warlords Of Draenor is a nift little expansion filled with lore out the wazoo. If you enjoyed BC lore then you will enjoy WoD. With the changing times, Blizzard has to accomidate to the new players, but I feel like they’re almost forgetting about the people who have been playing the game for years. For the time being, I feel like they could have done a bit more with the expansion like add flying or something super fancy like that. But I remain loyal to the game.


WoD get 8/10 warhammers in the skull. Sometimes you just gotta take a breath and do it. Even if you only hit one button, you’re still in a new Era of World of Warcraft.


P.s: Give me flying or give me to the Horde.




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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Another installment in the Warcraft Universe has been released earlier this month. I was lucky enough to get into the beta but sadly, didn’t have too much time to play it. Now that it has been fully released I sat down and played a little bit.

If you enjoyed any of the Magic the Gathering games, then you will enjoy Hearthstone. You start out picking your heroes which defines your deck’s potentials as well as your special abilities.  You can pick about every class there is in World of Warcraft right now, and you are then a famous person from that class. Personally, Mage decks, Jaina Proudmoore, are fairly powerful when they get the right cards. Hunter decks over power you easily if you don’t concentrate on the correct cards.

The game play is fairly simple.. You start off, like with any card game, drawing your hand and deciding if you like the hand or not. Most of the time, you just skip your turns and you only start out with one Mana gem. You gain a gem every turn so you can summon more powerful monsters.  There are a few cards that have very special abilities.  Guardians, for example, have to be attacked first, and they normally have a lot of armor, similar to a tank.

The goal is to, defeat your opponent. Simple enough when you look at the big picture. You win new cards as you progress further up the ranking, making your deck better. The PvP aspect of this game, seems to be working at a fair level. When you que up to find a player, it will most likely give you someone who is a worthy opponent, which is someone around your level, as they don’t look at decks.

Currently, there is incentive to play Hearthstone.  If you play and defeats 3 people, you are awarded with a mount. The Hearthsteed, as well as given an achievement for this accomplishment.

This  game is very simple to learn and keep up with, it is just a luck of the draw. The real complaint I have is that I had to do the tutorials again. They were a bit long, and excessive in my opinion. You can’t even play against other people if you haven’t finished them either. Instead of the 5 different tutorials they have you do, it really should be just  the one that tells you the basics.

All in all, this game is fun iif you have free time between killing Horde or raid bosses. It’s a great time killer and it is free. There is talk of it being released to mobile phones, so keep an eye out!! I give this game 6/10!


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Neverwinter: The D&D MMO

I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. Its  got to be my favorite table top game of all time. Becoming one with your character, going on amazing adventures and making new friends and enemies  along the way! I tended to befriend too many people..and..creatures in the last game we fully played. Heh. But I’ll get into that later =D


Neverwinter helps bring the idea of D&D to those who don’t have an imagination. An evil witch has come to overtake the world with her army of the dead. First, this sounds like Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft. She kind of looks like him too. So I’m already a little like “Yay..another let’s kill the evil lich before zombies eat my brains”


The controls..Its  the standard WASD movement keys with space to jump. You have 2 attacks that are linked to your mouse,  and then you have some keyboard attacks. One attack is q  then it goes 1 and 3. You have an F attack then its potions 4-6. You’re pretty much all over the keyboard, so I’m happy that I have a g13. Whoo.


For a free to play game now, the graphic are rather nice. They’re not as advanced and other games, but they create a beautiful atmosphere and really bring the NPC’s, Creatures and landscapes alive. I would have liked to see a free ranging camera added to the game and a tab targeting system, but mousing over your target works too. I found myself missing a lot  and hitting another group of mobs a few times. Whee..that was fun.


The Customization you can do with your characters are rather nice as well. Its almost like games like the Elder Scrolls. I really enjoyed that! You you choose presets if you want to get out and kill things quickly or you can take your time and make the character the way you want.  You have 6 races and 6 classes. They are working on another class, but its not been introduced yet. For those who like to complete every race and every class, you only have 2 slots available.  You can buy more slots or you can just make another account since they’re free to make.


Questing is a lot of fun, you have a sparkly trail that guides you to your objectives and on items that you need to grab. If you don’t want to quest, you can take jobs which are player created or you have qued up for skirmishes. There really isn’t an end of what you can do as Jobs scales with your level.  Playing with others is nice too as some loot is unique to yourself while there is also a rolling system. I find the rolling kind of difficult on my Wizard because the button you use also teleports me so When I’m rolling on loot Poof! I’m gone!  It wouldn’t be so bad except for the aggro range on some mobs are kind of large.

Social aspects? There are many different “servers” in the game and when you’re in a party with people you get put on the different servers often, but thankfully you can move servers.


Leveling up can be a little slow, and when you do you can level up your spells and become powerful. You can also get new spells with your points. So that’s kind of like DnD. But these spells are already set up for you to choose what you want.


All in all this game is fun, but it has its ups and downs.  I didn’t actually feel like I was playing DnD, it felt like an actual MMO where I worked with other people to do something or I worked on my own.

I give this awesome game 7/10 Lily points. You should check it out if you enjoy DnD =3 I enjoyed playing this game a lot with my friends =D

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Battlefield 4: Final review

With the release of the new Battlefield game, there has been a lot going on. I have done a review about the beta, but now it’s time for the real game!

First off, if you have played the beta and have yet to play the real game, just a heads up what you earned from the beta will not be there. I know there are a few games that allow you to do that, but this is not one of them. I hope you guys are that upset over that.

A few things have changed since the beta, One big thing, is the new maps. They are all different from one another, but they’re pretty much the same size. There are 9 maps all together including the one from beta. My favorite map would actually be that map. The Siege of Shanghai almost makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something. Add to that the fact you can topple giant buildings? Yes please =D

The Multi-player aspect of this game is a very mixed audience. Like with most games, you have the very skilled players then you have the players who don’t know what they’re doing and pretty much all they are is a hindrance to your team. Then you also have the Hackers. Those you want on your team so you always win by sneaky means. All of those people are in the game.

Battlefield 4’s server also have a slight problem. I noticed that when you topple a building on the Map: Siege of Shanghai, the server/game tends to crash for about half of the population. The idea of scouring a forum for servers is a very nice addition but sometimes they just don’t plain work. You have the risk of general server lag as well as the risk of crashing due to a bad host.

The guns seems to be having some trouble as well. I’ve seen many guns that have low accuracy that use to be awesome in the beta, and the fact it seems to be a bit more difficult to get the better weapons, is a slight turn off to the game in my opinion. But this isn’t going to make me stop playing.

There are still a few bugs and what not that can hinder your game play. Missiles exploding before they leave the gun. Parachutes not deploying…and the “laggers” who can take a whole clip but use one shot to kill you (haha that’s not a bug but it’s still dumb!) Hopefully, a patch will be released to fix everything, one could hope at least. The bugs don’t happen all the time but when they do they can be super frustrating.

Battlefield 4 get my rating of 8/10 Lily points. The game all together is very fun. If you are into the military simulation games, shooters or just looking for a way to relax and have fun, you should pick up this game.

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