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Contagion: Survival Shooting

If you really liked the Left 4 Dead* games then you will enjoy Contagion! This game was well put together and thought out by it’s creators. There are some elements that don’t make a lot of sense but you have that with a few games. I really enjoyed playing this game with my friends, and a few strangers.

When you start the game, you get the option to play on line with others or to start a new game for yourself. No matter what option you chose, you can pick between a few different characters, there were about 6 I believe. Each characters adds a new element to the story and made it easier to play with others. I was very fond of this one female character who was  a Biologic Engineer. She added some cool Technology to the game!

When you play with other people, that seems to be the most fun. You get to play Versus. Versus seems to be a Free for All. You can choose to work with other players or murder them and make sure you are the last survivor. But watch out, if you decide to betray your comrades, they come back as Zombies that are out to kill you! I got to play as both, and I must say, being a Zombie was pretty fun! I think I had more fun being a Zombie than I did a Survivor. I did miss shooting guns and such, but come on….You can seek revenge on the person that killed you and make them one of us! ONE OF US!

The guns are pretty accurate. I got to play with a few different guns starting with the basic hand gun. I also got to play with a Sniper Rifle and a Uzi. All three of these guns were accurate with both the sound and the point and shoot aspect of each individual gun.  The only problem I had was, you can’t reload when there are Zombie Around, so if you run out of Ammo and there’s a zombie just walking around, uh oh. Better hope he doesn’t find you!

All around, the graphics were really nice. Some of the animations are kinda eh, like when you’re a zombie and you run…that’s kind of weird. But Other then that I really enjoyed the game visual wise!

All and all, this game is pretty good! I’d like to play a lot more of it with my friends! It is $14.99USD to play. But it is on sale right for for $7.49USD .I encourage you guys to pick it up! The link is down below! If I had to rate this game, I would happily give it 7/10 Liy Points =D It is a fun game but the reload feature cost my life a few times =(

Want to play Contagion?

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Super Monday Night Combat

I can’t begin to think of where I want to start with this game. It’s just that awesome! I think I will begin with what the game is, that’s a good start.


Super Monday Night Combat or Super MNC for short is a third person Shooter meets Dungeon Defenders. You can pick from a few players if you just start the game, and you have the option to purchase new characters, upgrades outfits ect with real money or money you gather and earn as you play. Your goal is to protect your money ball from insane robots that will jump at the opportunity to destroy you.

You get to build turrets as well as shoot the robots. I prefer the assassin they have which is an up close and personal fighter, which can be a bit problematic at times due to the fact some of the robots hurt..really really bad.

The game play is quite simple, and it didn’t take me too long to get the controls down and be a super awesome killer. I didn’t have any lag at all with the settings on high. Another thing I should mention is that it is an Unreal engine game. So you know it has to be awesome =D


There are several different types of characters you can pick when you first start. You have a general gunner, a touch tank type gunner, an up close and personal fighter and you also have a healer. Each character has a few different weapons you can choose from as well as some different moves and character specific talents you can choose from. For example, The Assassin has knife for close comabt and a Shuriken Shooter for ranged fighting. For specialites, she has a super jump, a cloaking device, and a smoke cloud. You also get a pretty awesome finishing move if you get the right timing.


As the levels go on in the game, it gets progressively harder and harder to keep the ball up in the air and away from robots. We played the game with just 3 people and when we got to the giant chicken round, we didn’t fair too well as there were too many robots for our turrets to handle, and we were all up on a different platform trying to kill the chicken. However, you can invite up to 9 people to play with you or against you, depending on your style. We felt like if we had more people we could have done ok. But all in all it was fun and a good laugh.

The graphics were pretty cool for how simple the game is. The effects for the weapons, when you summon or repair a turret as well as the robots were pretty awesome. I really liked them because they were simple but still pretty awesome. When you lose, your ball explodes into so many coins and a weird guy dances on top of it, taunting you. Haha…Yeah the guy kind of gave me nightmares but anyways!


The music is pretty cool too, it’s upbeat and really keeps you in the mood to want to play more. I did have to turn it down a little though because I found that it overpowdered EVERYTHING. I had a hard time hearing my Skype call as well as when a character calling for help.


Over all, it was a super fun game and something we will play when we have some time to spare. It has a decent replay value as you can unlock things by just playing the game and earning coins. And another awesome note about the game: TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!!! All you need is a steam account =D How freaking cool!!!!


Overall, I give the game 8/10 Lily Points. The game is as pretty as it is difficult and the fact that you can play to unlock is a really cool feature =D If you want to check it out, here’s the link (

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Dementium: The Ward

**** There is a spoiler in this review, If you don’t wish to have the game spoiled for you, please skip the Story section. I marked it for you guys so you can skip it! ****


You wake up, in a dark place with nothing, No music. No anything. Your first instinct is to find out what the hell is going on right? As soon as you leave the room, you notice you have terrible night vision so you pull out your flashlight so you can see further. But wait…what’s that sound?



This has to be one of the scariest games I have played. They did an amazing job on the design, enemy creature creation as well as the story. And to add more as to how awesome this game was to me: It’s on the DS.

You wake up in a room all by yourself with little to your name. You have a flashlight and a pistol, your goal is to find..someones daughter? Yeah, not the best goal in a game but you go with the flow.

The graphics are, to me, what made the game scary. They were perfect and as 3D as you could get. Each mob was covered in blood or scales or something spooky that you couldn’t see until they were in your light. Did I mention the light flickers sometimes?

The game play I found to be difficult at times. Not only do you aim with your stylus, the game is also realistic. You have no armor all you are wearing, I’m assuming based on the story, is a hospital gown, so you take a lot of damage that does not regenerate over time unless you find pills. Ammo is a but scarce too depending on the difficulty you are playing. Lucky for you you have the option of picking up some melee weapons to use when you run out of bullets.

Mobs and chatacter. The mobs are scary to me. They come out of nowhere. With your limited vision, even with the flash light, they can sneak up on you, out of nowhere. You’ll be walking down a hall and suddenly you’ll hear the moaning of a zombie or the weird chirping of the weird worm things. Bosses are huge, ugly and tough if you don’t know what they can do.

You don’t know a lot about who you are playing until you play the story. For all you know when you start, you could be a psychotic patient that has gone completely insane over time and you’re in hell.

**SPOILER** The story. With every scary game comes a scary story? Sure. Why not. It turns out that you are a brain surgery patient. Your awesome surgeon thinks your mind is in danger so he puts you in a nightmare where you have to fight for your life, and end the dreams. Through out the dream, there are mentions of a man who, like i said, killed his wife and his daughter. The..hell? Anyways as you finish the game it ends with a man standing over a dead woman with a gun, Police shoot and wound the man and that’s it. The end?


In 2009 however, they released a sequel to the game, Dementium II. If you liked the first game, get it.


I give this game a 8/10 spooky Lily points. If you like getting spooked, ambushed and exploring a creepy hospital get it. I enjoyed it very much, even when I jumped in my college’s hallways =D

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Battlefield 4: Final review

With the release of the new Battlefield game, there has been a lot going on. I have done a review about the beta, but now it’s time for the real game!

First off, if you have played the beta and have yet to play the real game, just a heads up what you earned from the beta will not be there. I know there are a few games that allow you to do that, but this is not one of them. I hope you guys are that upset over that.

A few things have changed since the beta, One big thing, is the new maps. They are all different from one another, but they’re pretty much the same size. There are 9 maps all together including the one from beta. My favorite map would actually be that map. The Siege of Shanghai almost makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something. Add to that the fact you can topple giant buildings? Yes please =D

The Multi-player aspect of this game is a very mixed audience. Like with most games, you have the very skilled players then you have the players who don’t know what they’re doing and pretty much all they are is a hindrance to your team. Then you also have the Hackers. Those you want on your team so you always win by sneaky means. All of those people are in the game.

Battlefield 4’s server also have a slight problem. I noticed that when you topple a building on the Map: Siege of Shanghai, the server/game tends to crash for about half of the population. The idea of scouring a forum for servers is a very nice addition but sometimes they just don’t plain work. You have the risk of general server lag as well as the risk of crashing due to a bad host.

The guns seems to be having some trouble as well. I’ve seen many guns that have low accuracy that use to be awesome in the beta, and the fact it seems to be a bit more difficult to get the better weapons, is a slight turn off to the game in my opinion. But this isn’t going to make me stop playing.

There are still a few bugs and what not that can hinder your game play. Missiles exploding before they leave the gun. Parachutes not deploying…and the “laggers” who can take a whole clip but use one shot to kill you (haha that’s not a bug but it’s still dumb!) Hopefully, a patch will be released to fix everything, one could hope at least. The bugs don’t happen all the time but when they do they can be super frustrating.

Battlefield 4 get my rating of 8/10 Lily points. The game all together is very fun. If you are into the military simulation games, shooters or just looking for a way to relax and have fun, you should pick up this game.

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Borderlands 2: Review and Replay

I’ve played this game since its release and I have played the expansions and each of the characters you can choose from. So there are a few aspects of this game that I would like to talk about, so let’s get started. If you had the chance to watch me stream Borderlands, then you definitely saw that I wasn’t doing as well as my Co-Op partner. That was kind of sad, but this highlights my first topic I want to review.

The controls. I had played and beat the game and its different packs rather quickly so when I decided to play another game, I didn’t go back to it. I was very rusty when we picked it back up. But after a few sessions of playing, the controls came back to me and I was once again a good addition to the team. With this said, the controls are easy to remember and use when you’re put in situations, such as boss fights and Badasses.

Onto the characters! Like the last game, you can pick between 4 characters. Each with their own unique ability that is helpful in one way or another, and during Co-Op playing, I’ve discovered if you have a commando with you, it makes the game play easier. When it comes to customizing them, there isn’t much at first. You can pick a hair style or two and some different color clothes, but that’s about it. However, as you go on with the story line, find Easter eggs and gamble, you have the chance to unlock new skins and heads for your character. Right now, I’m a bright pink siren with a Unicorn on my chest =D. I like the Cel-Shade graphics.

The unique textures it gives the game really added appeal to me. This was one of the things that kept drawing me to the game. The way everything looked in the game made me wish some of my favorite games looked like this. I honestly wish that more recent games used this type of graphics. The story was straightforward with some side quests you can do. You are this all mighty hero that has to fight a big bad guy and his minions of…psychotics? Not quite sure what to call them, but they are pretty insane.

Now, I won’t spoil anything for you, but there is something I suggest when playing. Keep the subtitles on; you’ll catch some pretty funny things the locals have to say to you. I’ve caught several people making snarky comments about the little robot dude, CL4PTP. When I first sat down and played this game to right now, my thoughts haven’t changed at all. Starting from fresh was a great idea in my books and it helped me pay more attention to what I was doing and what was around me if you haven’t had the chance to play this game, you really should.

There is replay value in my opinion. The different modes give you different style enemies to fight and it also helps hone your skills for other games, though controls may vary. The more I played Borderlands, the better I got with my other games like Halo and Call of Duty.

I give this game a 7/10 Lily Points. I enjoyed this game but sometimes it was a little over whelming when it came to mob placement and it could prove to be difficult. But a game isn’t a game unless it challenges me =D


Battlefield 4 Open Beta

The next exciting installment of Battlefield has entered the Open Beta phase, so if you haven’t had a chance to play it then what in the WORLD are you waiting for?!

Now, FPS are one of my favorite games. They’re not the most easy or simple but I enjoy that feeling of scoping a random person right in the head.

I enjoyed the beta from what I played minus the little cheaters I encountered which made the game a little irritating at times.  As with many games, those always seem to be what ruins it for me. But I still liked the game regardless.

The controls for the PC were really easy to get for a rusty player. I liked how you could pretty much do anything you wanted. Jump over a barricade, swim in the water PILOT a HELICOPTER. All very exciting things!!!

I like the realism of Battlefield. I always have.  The guns are very realistic, as the bullets lose momentum and arch after they are fired.  For the most part, deaths were realistic too. I don’t agree with if you fall from about a 4 foot drop you die. That isn’t realistic at all, and frankly I find that dumb. Even if you have some health gone that shouldn’t kill you.

Dog-tag customization was a very interesting thing to me, as I never really experienced the military games. I liked how you could pick any country flag, and your other dog-tag you earned through achievements, kills and what you destroy.

With this being a beta, there are still some bugs and glitches. But this will be a game that I pick up when it comes out!
If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, nothing is stopping you. You should give it a try, who knows, you may like it =D

I give the beta 6/10 Lily points! I can’t wait to play the full game!


I am a big fan of Minecraft and Technic. I like the idea of building things and surviving. There is one thing that this game lacks. Guns. Now in Hexxit you can have guns, I’m very aware of that. But Common…a Minecraft-esk game with guns, helicopters, tanks and other awesome vehicles that you can ride around in and kill people? Yes please!

The controls can be a bit buggy and can hinder your game play slightly but when they work and when you aren’t being shot at, the game is very fun!

There is one interesting bug where you get stuck in a helicopter. Flying around waving your arms in the air going “Wheee I’m flying a helicopter!” Admit it, you’d do it. How can you not?

The guns are fairly accurate..some way more than others…and more then they should be. As with any FPS, You have the “no scope head shot” people and those “HAXOR NOOB” people.

During my game play, as well as watching my friend play, there were people who seemed to be cheated. They’d get shot in the head and not die ( Oh yeah if you get shot in the head in this game you’re dead.)

Other then the controls being silly and some of the people who can’t seem to enjoy the game with out being a cheater, I give this game a 8/10 Lily points. Check it out!!  =D

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Killing Floor: Carnival Sideshow

If you’re in the mood for a storyline Zombie game, you may be slightly disappointed. However if you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends, give it a try.

The goal of the game is to shoot a certain number of the same type of zombies with a few different ones thrown in the mix. There’s really only like 4 different types of Zombies in this version of Killing Floor, it was repetitive and got boring at some times.

Each map had it’s unique features. There’s even a Moon Base. How awesome is that? There’s even 0-G. It took some getting use to but when I figured it out, it became my favorite map, easily!!!!

There are a few points that just need to be talked about on their own.

Player’s themselves:

You can choose what kind of player you want to be whether you wish to be a medic or a commando. There is a “class” for anyway you want o play.

No matter the class you choose, you can still level each one. Depending on the weapons you purchase and the way you play, you can select healer and level a commando or vise versa.

Personally, I enjoy being the healer. It’s simple and you can still do damage.

The avatars are very interesting too! I reallly enjoyed being a man in a chicken suit wearing a leather jacket. There’s also a Robot, Army men and a few others just to name a few.

Money in the game:

Ir’s by game. No worrying about how much money you have before the game starts. It’s very simple to get money and the guns you can buy are reasonably priced for how much damage and what not.

It’s easy to get money, like I said before. Kill a mob get money. You can even FIND money in the ground or in some places. Once you get to the next level, it’s even quicker to get money! It’s so nice!

All in all, this game is fun and exciting though it can be very boring at times. I like the gun upgrades you can get and the different classes you can be.

I give this game 8/10 Lily Points =D  You should give it a try!

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