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Borderlands 2: Review and Replay

I’ve played this game since its release and I have played the expansions and each of the characters you can choose from. So there are a few aspects of this game that I would like to talk about, so let’s get started. If you had the chance to watch me stream Borderlands, then you definitely saw that I wasn’t doing as well as my Co-Op partner. That was kind of sad, but this highlights my first topic I want to review.

The controls. I had played and beat the game and its different packs rather quickly so when I decided to play another game, I didn’t go back to it. I was very rusty when we picked it back up. But after a few sessions of playing, the controls came back to me and I was once again a good addition to the team. With this said, the controls are easy to remember and use when you’re put in situations, such as boss fights and Badasses.

Onto the characters! Like the last game, you can pick between 4 characters. Each with their own unique ability that is helpful in one way or another, and during Co-Op playing, I’ve discovered if you have a commando with you, it makes the game play easier. When it comes to customizing them, there isn’t much at first. You can pick a hair style or two and some different color clothes, but that’s about it. However, as you go on with the story line, find Easter eggs and gamble, you have the chance to unlock new skins and heads for your character. Right now, I’m a bright pink siren with a Unicorn on my chest =D. I like the Cel-Shade graphics.

The unique textures it gives the game really added appeal to me. This was one of the things that kept drawing me to the game. The way everything looked in the game made me wish some of my favorite games looked like this. I honestly wish that more recent games used this type of graphics. The story was straightforward with some side quests you can do. You are this all mighty hero that has to fight a big bad guy and his minions of…psychotics? Not quite sure what to call them, but they are pretty insane.

Now, I won’t spoil anything for you, but there is something I suggest when playing. Keep the subtitles on; you’ll catch some pretty funny things the locals have to say to you. I’ve caught several people making snarky comments about the little robot dude, CL4PTP. When I first sat down and played this game to right now, my thoughts haven’t changed at all. Starting from fresh was a great idea in my books and it helped me pay more attention to what I was doing and what was around me if you haven’t had the chance to play this game, you really should.

There is replay value in my opinion. The different modes give you different style enemies to fight and it also helps hone your skills for other games, though controls may vary. The more I played Borderlands, the better I got with my other games like Halo and Call of Duty.

I give this game a 7/10 Lily Points. I enjoyed this game but sometimes it was a little over whelming when it came to mob placement and it could prove to be difficult. But a game isn’t a game unless it challenges me =D