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Badland: Phone Game

If you have the free time to spare, you should try out Badland. It’s a very beautiful game for what it is. It’s  full of mystery and adorable creatures! The goal is to get your little guy or guys to the end of the adventure without dying. On some levels, that’s harder that it seems but other times it’s quite easy.  It was hard for me to stay alive at least but I kept getting distracted by the background and the atmosphere.


The graphics, like I have said, are just plain amazing for this being a phone game. It’s full of mystery and a lovely array of colors. The puzzles themselves, are solid black with a vibrantly colored background of fantasy scene. It’s almost like you are playing a dream.


There are not many characters in the game. You play as little tiny fluff balls with wings. You can grow or shrink depending on things you touch. The goal is to get to the end of the adventure in one, or many, pieces! To do this, you fly through the levels, avoiding obstacles and the ever close scrolling screen. If you manage to get caught or fall behind, then you lose that round but you have the option of starting where you left off so it’s not a total reset. I enjoyed that a lot!


The controls are quite simple. For those of you who are familiar with Chocobo Tales, you may remember when you have to fight that underwater dragon and you have to tap your screen to move up or down to avoid being eaten by the dragon. That’s pretty much this game except you don’t really have to tap. Just hold your finger on the screen and you go up and when you remove your finger your character goes down. So the controls may be simple but if this isn’t something you are use to. Do a few practice rounds! Never hurts to practice, even if you’re good at it!


There isn’t really a story for this game but there are some cool features that I think you guys should know if you are going to play. This game uses Physics in a really cool way. The way your character moves and how objects in the level work are very realistic and if you have even a basic understanding of Physics, you will have a lot of fun!


You can play up to 70 levels of single player. Each level different more difficult but just and beautiful as the next or you can play with up to four (4) people with Local Multiplayer.  If you dn’t know what that means…Local Muliplayer are just people who are on your network playing the same game. So if you have friends who are playing the game with you while chilling in your house or an other place, you can invite them to play with you and experience this game together!


I really liked this game, It has a good amount of replay value. It is available on the Android (free), Iphone (3.99 USD) and Blackberries (1.99 USD). This game get a 9/10 Lily Points! You really need to check it out! This comes highly recommended not only by myself, but about 80,000 other people!


Interested in playing Badland? Check out their website and get it!


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Trine 2

An evil is awakened and only 3 people can save the world. A Knight. A Wizard. An Assassin. Three people who have worked together before to stop this evil have been called back together to save the world from the new evils that have been unleashed!


This is a 1 to 3 person platform game. You can choose between the three heros, each having a special power. The wizard can move items with his magic. Moving things can help solve puzzles or help you advance to the next level. Now, if you are not into Wizards, the Assassin would be a good second choice. She has the ability to shoot a grappling hook to lift herself up. It’s an easy way to avoid certain dangers. The knight…um…..


The graphics are beautiful! They’re colorful and cheery as well as dark and scary. The puzzles really bring the scenes to life and make them more important. A leaf can be used to move water or help you bounce to the next area. You really have to look at your surroundings and figure a way out.


Though the game is soloable, I still liked having someone play with me. We always make sure that one of us plays the Wizard and the other the Assassin. The knight is pretty much useless. His skill tree is decent but not really anything useful. He has a shield and a hammer. That’s about all he brings to the story. But if you have a 3rd person that wants to play and enjoys being a useless meatshield, then here’s the class for them =D


There is a lack of customization minus the spell tree that each character has the gives them specific talents that can be used in battle or in a puzzle. The trees are easy to understand and use that there’s not a lot of guessing as to what to take and when. You can build a very strong versatile character and be just total kick ass .


I really liked the music, it fit with the scenes well. They added emotion as well as excitement to each level, boss fight and puzzle. The sounds from your weapons, water and surrounds were also very realistic. Some sounds you can tell when they were made on a computer, but these sounded like they went out and swung a sword, dripped water and dropped metal boxes.


I found the controls a little hard to get in the beginning and some of the areas were difficult to maneuver. Sometimes you over jumped, got stuck in silly places or were plain unresponsive. Once you get use the the controls though,  the gameplay was quick and smooth.


There’s not a lot more to the game. The quest objectives are straight forward and fairly easy to obtain, and there is some moving away from the general platforming that is in the game. There are secret areas hidden in every level that can take some figuring out to do, but don’t give up. They’re normally very helpful rewards


If you are interested in seeing or playing this game for yourself, it is available on steam for $19.99.

I give this game 8/10 Lily points. It’s good for a playthough every one in awhile but to replay it right away isn’t going to bring out a lot of new content or fun =3 Still though, it’s more fun with others!


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