What a fun month

Hey guys, how is everyone? I hope you are all well! For the most part I know I have been quite silent this month and I apologize. I’ve been trying to focus on a lot of things and as of today (4/25/2020) it’s going to be changing.

With everything happening in the world, I am really and truly hoping everyone is safe and healthy. For the most part I am doing fine. Some of my health problems are giving me issues but it’s nothing I can’t handle right now. But I assure you all, as of right now it’s just my joints being a pain in my ass 🙂 Now, for the bigger news…

For those of you that don’t know, right now I am working for the GameStop in my town. We’ve been “open” for awhile and today will be the last day before my furlough begins. What this means for me is I’m getting an unpaid vacation for at least a month. This suddenly came about yesterday and was a bit of a shock. As it stands, we will be reopening sometimes soon. I think the biggest thing will be money but that’s not something you guys need to concern yourself with. 🙂

I’m going to take this time to reflect on a lot of things and take care of myself, my home and my family and friends. I’ve been having a steady job for most of my life and it’s going to be a weird shift to just suddenly stop with nothing to do. I just hope i don’t go crazy in the mean time. I’m a busy body who rather enjoys working (I’m weird I know haha) So I may be silent for a few days after today.

There was a DND Session yesterday so I have one of those post in the making but I’ve also been playing some new games so I can do those as well. But, this still goes back to, I will have a lot more free time to do things….

So what does this mean for you?

Quite a bit actually. I’m shifting my focus towards me. I have a few things that I need to take care of IRL before i shift focus to other things. I do have a few things planned.

I’ve began looking into starting a Patreon page so you can show your support when I am not streaming. I’m working on quite a few rewards for you guys and I hope they are worth while for you 🙂 I have some art I want to throw in as well as some custom pieces for different tiers to keep it interesting. I have a bit more tweaking to do on it which I will try to finish next week and get it up and running.

I have also reopened Fallen Wish Art for all of your custom icon, emotes and gif needs. I have been trying to work on my digital style and have been also planning on redoing my emotes to reflect on it. I still want to do work for you guys! So, please, let me know if you need anything down Translations also have several slots open as well so I’m there for your Japanese needs. I prefer written translations but I can do audio (I can’t voice act for shit tho just a warning)

I’ll be doing a lot more streaming. I’m going to try to spice up everything and do some cooking, art and other random streams to keep my sanity in check while I am with out my job for a bit. I think now is the time were i can focus on having fun and enjoy everything I do. Though I’ve shifted my focus back to WoW I think I want to add more games to the list. I’ll get a schedule written up here shortly to go over what days are what to give you guys an idea of what I will be doing. I’m going to try to stick with my sleep schedule so there may not be too many late night streams.

As always, I want to thank you all for your support. You keep me going and remind me to do what I love and it’s nice to have that support. You are all amazing humans and I love every one of you! With out you, none of this is possible! Keep rocking it!!

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