Session 6

So this is a few weeks to late, oops. We didn’t have a session last week since a few of us weren’t feeling good. We’re all doing much better and hopefully we will have a session tomorrow. It’s going to be hard not to type spoilers but I’m gonna sure try 🙂

So in this session, the group goes with Yuri to her castle. They’re greeted by her right hand and they are given time to rest before departing to the Shrine of the Cosmos. The group travel with Yuri to the shrine and they are greeted by a sleeping dragon and an awe struck Yuri. To the groups surprise. Yuri begged one of the young watchers to turn into dragon so they can see how pretty they are.

OOC Chat:
Liet: What color are they?
Me: Black.
Liet: Oh…so Acid breath…hmmm they’re also Evil aligned.
Me: *forgetting that bit of D&D lore* Maybe. You wont be too sure
Liet: you’re right…there’s always that chance but hmmmm

So, as they begin to leave, the group asks why they can’t ride one of the dragons to the city they’re supposed to go. What a fantastic question. An excited goddess runs back into the shrine and convinces a dragon to fly them outside the city. The travel takes a fraction of what it would have been.

The group, now in the city, go with Yuri’s plan. She will go in through the gates while the group goes into the sewers. They soon emerge in a store room and meet a bewildered Yuri in a main hall. The whole area is covered in blood. The stench of blood was heavy in the air. Being blind, Yuri can’t exactly find out what is happen to the group explains everything.

With a bit of understanding the group begins to search for the source of all of the blood and they find it. A large room torn apart full of royals, nobles and peasant fighting to the death. Dead bodies litter the grounds. A large, overweight man sits on the throne, cheering on the bloodbath. It’s not long before they’re noticed. The man stops the fight an invites them to the party.

The group declines but he’s very persistent about joining him. Eventually he gets annoyed and every single person except him and the group fall to the ground, dead. The fat man takes a step closer and one last time invites them to join the party and he’ll forget everything. In response Liet throws the man across the room back to his throne.

And with that the session ended. I have a lot in store for these guys and I can’t wait to tell you about it next time 🙂

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