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Session 6

So this is a few weeks to late, oops. We didn’t have a session last week since a few of us weren’t feeling good. We’re all doing much better and hopefully we will have a session tomorrow. It’s going to be hard not to type spoilers but I’m gonna sure try 🙂

So in this session, the group goes with Yuri to her castle. They’re greeted by her right hand and they are given time to rest before departing to the Shrine of the Cosmos. The group travel with Yuri to the shrine and they are greeted by a sleeping dragon and an awe struck Yuri. To the groups surprise. Yuri begged one of the young watchers to turn into dragon so they can see how pretty they are.

OOC Chat:
Liet: What color are they?
Me: Black.
Liet: Oh…so Acid breath…hmmm they’re also Evil aligned.
Me: *forgetting that bit of D&D lore* Maybe. You wont be too sure
Liet: you’re right…there’s always that chance but hmmmm

So, as they begin to leave, the group asks why they can’t ride one of the dragons to the city they’re supposed to go. What a fantastic question. An excited goddess runs back into the shrine and convinces a dragon to fly them outside the city. The travel takes a fraction of what it would have been.

The group, now in the city, go with Yuri’s plan. She will go in through the gates while the group goes into the sewers. They soon emerge in a store room and meet a bewildered Yuri in a main hall. The whole area is covered in blood. The stench of blood was heavy in the air. Being blind, Yuri can’t exactly find out what is happen to the group explains everything.

With a bit of understanding the group begins to search for the source of all of the blood and they find it. A large room torn apart full of royals, nobles and peasant fighting to the death. Dead bodies litter the grounds. A large, overweight man sits on the throne, cheering on the bloodbath. It’s not long before they’re noticed. The man stops the fight an invites them to the party.

The group declines but he’s very persistent about joining him. Eventually he gets annoyed and every single person except him and the group fall to the ground, dead. The fat man takes a step closer and one last time invites them to join the party and he’ll forget everything. In response Liet throws the man across the room back to his throne.

And with that the session ended. I have a lot in store for these guys and I can’t wait to tell you about it next time 🙂

Session 5

When we last left off, the group was in the Witchy Woods on their way to kill the witch or so you’d think. As you remember from the last game, the group was doing the WoW quest for Abby Lewis, the little girl who wanted to find her friends to have her tea party with. The group, after some fun little hints ans clues and a lot of nose wiggling from yours truly, reunited the little girl with her toys. As they left, Abby game them pictures of her friends before she vanishes in the door way. From there the group gets lost in the woods.

They eventually came to a dead end with two Ravens sitting on a rock, and here they learned how much Miss Mary liked them. I had created such a nice poem for them, and I think it did too much of a good job getting them out of the woods.

Here it is:
Abby’s new friends we have quickly found
Miss Mary wants you to hear our sound.
Miss Mary says that the friends need to go
Or else she’ll put you Six feet below.
Miss Mary has plans for each one of you,
And trust us, this will be nothing new!
A fine purse out of you, a new boney servent of you.
The deer and the giant are not wanted here so go get shoo!

I guess that was enough for the group to be ike whoa nope we’re outta here. Because that’s exactly what they did. The idea to kill Miss Mary vanished as fast as the illusion to allow them to escape disappeared.

So, with that the group make it to the town and where Vinny has to roll another saving throw. Which they failed. Causing them to get to the next level of the plague. Poor thing 🙁 They manage to make it to a town where they get a doctor to look at them and they inform them this is something they haven’t seen in several years and the only true cure wqas a gods blessing. From there the Doctor informs them the gods that cured the people before was named Yuri. (oh no)
The group then calls up Yuri but her assistant answered and they began taking. he confirms it’s the same Yuri then asks why. They tell him that Vinny is super sick. He then asks, a very important question.
Fitz: Well did you guys go to her Shrine and get her blessing?
Vinny: I think so
Me: Nope. You guys bought the alcohol and wanted to go but instead you got super excited to leave the town you didn’t go. (I then showed them the notes I had made)
Vinny: Oh I guess we didn’t….How long do I have?
Fitz: Well It seems like about a week in a half or so. I suggest coming home and getting fixed, there’s things you need to do here.
The group then comes back home because it was made clear they were about a week and a half from the giant quest not including the time to kill them. They joked about letting Vinny die but they did end up coming back.
So the group meet up with Fitz who takes them into the war room where everyone has gathered. They see their boss seemingly able to see (this is important)

After the warlords disperse, Yuri greets the group as her eyes go from Jade to white and she’s unable to see again. They ask her what was going on ans she explained how she was blinded by a god trying to seek her powers after brother passed away. It was a common thing among gods. Innocent right?
DM Mistake 3: I began to explain the process to the group and two of them started to get an idea…

Yuri: So during a fight for my god powers he threw poison at me and it caused me to lose my sight,
Liet: So gods can fight other gods for their powers?
Yuri: Yes, they can.
Liet: Can mortals do it?
Yuri: None have succeeded why?
Liet: But it’s possible?
Yuri: I mean….I don’t know.
Liet to Kit: We should try to Kill Yuri and gain her powers
Kit: *nods*
Me: oh come on guys……haha….don’t.
Liet: What do you think of this type of barbarian with htis race?
Me: are you serious?
Liet: I mean if I die….I’d want to reroll.
Me: You’re serious

And that’s where the session ended for the most part. The group walked and talked and were told they are going to Yuri’s home country and castle to see what’s going on. There’s a lot of rumors out there so they need to prepare.

Will the group succeed in the new land? Will they kill their boss? Find out next session!

First few sessions

So I know this is going to include the first few sessions. Before the story gets deeper I felt it would be best to include the first few sessions before each get their own. Now, here’s the tale of Vinny the Snakeborn Gunslinger, Meh the Obitu Warrior, Kit the Tiefling Rogue and Liet the Half Giant Monk. Vinny and Meh have been ruled the leaders of the group.

Session 1: Boy this one started really nice. I gave the group several letters that explained that whey were wanted and they had to follow clues to find the right person to talk to. Now, the group was able to narrow down what race they were looking for but the location wasn’t right. I was so confused, I had worked everything out to the key and they should have been able to find it. I was so wrong. What I didn’t realize, I had wrote out one of the clue incorrectly and it somehow managed to work haha. Not sure what is going on. The was about it. The big bad DM messed it up haha With that being said, the group still figured out where they needed to go after they head to the wrong spot.
From there, the group heads to meet with their boss who explains what they are to be doings, and that was it. They are then given their first mission when they wake up the next day.

Session 2: Now this one is a lot of fun. The group is given their first mission. Discover the truth behind the false princess. Pretty good idea. The group was informed about bandits in the area and to be careful. The group appears next to a town where a distraught mans comes up to them begging them to find his daughter. Meh agrees to help the man and then just leaves town. Like peace boiiii.

As the group leaves town, they come across a strange encampment with a fairly nice number of armored men. The conversation went like this.

Armored guy: Hey, what brings you guys out here?
Meh: Um, we’re trying to find the Kinstone(these are stones used for teleportation)
Armored guy: Oh well it’s back that way.
Meh: I heard there were goblins in the area.
AG: Goblins? What?
Meh: Oh shit sorry Bandits! Well we need to go now bye!
And then the group keeps going down the road like they don’t even care. After a few days they reach the false princess.

Session 3: The group comes back and sees one of the Warlords who tell them that the bandits are right outside of the town they came in. They then go into the abandoned town and start to search the area before learning the town isn’t vacant. From there they manage to convince they town to help out the plague survivors and such. Noting too exciting happened this one. When they come back, I commit DM Mistake 2. I gave them so much money. I totally wasn’t thinking realistically and was like ‘here’s several thousand gold enjoy it. Well shit.

Session 4: This day, the group set off to search the guilds. At this point I panic. I didn’t come up with guild names so I just make up two. Twin Breakers and Shadowell. The group thinks Shadowell is awesome so they go to see what quests they have to offer for the most gold. I realized how much I messed up so I said “ok you can take on a succubus for 500g. They group realized that they had no magic users so they decided to go to the Twinbreakers. They gave them a job to kill a giant for 1000g and they deemed it more suited for their skills. So they ask their boss for a horse and cart and head off on their way.

Session 5: So this was a fun session. The group decided to take the shortcut through the Witchy Woods to get to their target faster. During their trip (2 weeks ingame btw) they get snucked up on by a group of Kobolds. I was like “This is gonna be cute innocent fun and the’ll just scare them off.” How wrong was I that day. Instead of just being nice people they slaughter all but one of the Kobolds. WhenI say slaughter I legit mean slaughter. They were like destroyed, dismembered and beheaded. Those poor Kobolds 🙁

The group finally made it to the Witchy Woods and they come across the village that was there before the witch took over. They are greeted by a little girl. Now, if you play Alliance on WoW, you can feel the groups pain in this.
Me: So this little girl seems super happy to see new people and she wants your help.
Meh: With what?
Me: She wants you to help her find her friends since they’re late for a tea party.
Liet/Kit: *sighs loudly*
Liet: No, I am not doing this you know how many times I’ve had to do this in WoW?
Kit: Right? Ughhhhh
Me: hehe I couldn’t resist you were in Witchy Woods!
Vinny/Meh: have no idea what’s going on
Liet then begins to explain the quest to the two. Hahaha Oh boy.

Session six is tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what we do but I will totally be sharing it with all of you!!!

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