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I’ve been playing this game since it was in closed Beta, and I fell in love instantly. With the game being released, I was anxious to see what was added. With the many new classes and dungeons, I’m excited about this game.


I’ve been a fan of this game since I came across it. I enjoyed the unique style of of the game, as well as how you play with the different races. It reminds me of Minecraft/Hexit. When you start out, you’re given the Warrior and the Dracolyte. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dracolyte. Trove has classes for almost every style of game play. You have your straight Up Melee like your Warrior and Candy Barbarian. Then you spell casters like Dracolyte and Ice Sage. They even introduced Stealthy classes like Shadow Hunter and Neon Ninja to the game. The only type of play I don’t see in the game is a healing/support type of class. Some fights can get tough, and with Corner Stone Plots scattered, sometimes it’s hard to fill your health flask.


Wait a minute, what’s a Corner Stone plot, Unicorn? Only one of the best things about Trove! You’re given a house plot, for FREE and you have the power to make it look like whatever you want! =o How awesome is that? You can go up and down in the plot. Of course, you can’t build anything outside of the plot area, even a square or it will stay when you move your house. In the plots, you can create just about anything, torches, portals and even different colored blocks. \


So let’s talk Class. There’s so many to choose from, but there are some repeats in my opinion. Like Boomeranger and Shadow Hunter. Each offers their own flair to dungeoneering. There’s no customization save the Masks, Hats and weapons you get. If you feel like spending the money, you can buy costumes that really just kinda change colors with small variabilities. I really don’t mind this, but it would be cool to see some fancy things you can do that are free.


Dungeoneering is another great addition to this game. Dungeons tend to repeat themselves a lot, and you do the same fight over and over again, but they do offer a fair amount of Xp when completed. Some dungeons offer up something called “Scrolls” these fancy Do dads give you the ability to create new items for your Corner Stone that you find in specific areas. Like Candoria, you can get Candy Chimneys and pipes, that look delicious.


All in all, this game is unique in it’s own way. With the different classes and areas, it’s only a matter of time before you hit a repeat button on the area, it can get a little boring doing the same thing over and over again, or even seeing the same dungeon next to each other. The randomization in some area’s is silly. But that’s something neat about the game.


I’m giving Trove a 7/10. Though this game is fun and exciting, there’s so much they could have done but didn’t. Different classes (By different i mean like no repeats of a few classes), new dungeons just things like that, to be different from the Beta. At least it’s free to play! So anyone can enjoy the game!


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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this game. The game belongs to Trion Worlds and their subsidiaries.


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