Neverwinter: The D&D MMO

I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. Its  got to be my favorite table top game of all time. Becoming one with your character, going on amazing adventures and making new friends and enemies  along the way! I tended to befriend too many people..and..creatures in the last game we fully played. Heh. But I’ll get into that later =D


Neverwinter helps bring the idea of D&D to those who don’t have an imagination. An evil witch has come to overtake the world with her army of the dead. First, this sounds like Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft. She kind of looks like him too. So I’m already a little like “Yay..another let’s kill the evil lich before zombies eat my brains”


The controls..Its  the standard WASD movement keys with space to jump. You have 2 attacks that are linked to your mouse,  and then you have some keyboard attacks. One attack is q  then it goes 1 and 3. You have an F attack then its potions 4-6. You’re pretty much all over the keyboard, so I’m happy that I have a g13. Whoo.


For a free to play game now, the graphic are rather nice. They’re not as advanced and other games, but they create a beautiful atmosphere and really bring the NPC’s, Creatures and landscapes alive. I would have liked to see a free ranging camera added to the game and a tab targeting system, but mousing over your target works too. I found myself missing a lot  and hitting another group of mobs a few times. Whee..that was fun.


The Customization you can do with your characters are rather nice as well. Its almost like games like the Elder Scrolls. I really enjoyed that! You you choose presets if you want to get out and kill things quickly or you can take your time and make the character the way you want.  You have 6 races and 6 classes. They are working on another class, but its not been introduced yet. For those who like to complete every race and every class, you only have 2 slots available.  You can buy more slots or you can just make another account since they’re free to make.


Questing is a lot of fun, you have a sparkly trail that guides you to your objectives and on items that you need to grab. If you don’t want to quest, you can take jobs which are player created or you have qued up for skirmishes. There really isn’t an end of what you can do as Jobs scales with your level.  Playing with others is nice too as some loot is unique to yourself while there is also a rolling system. I find the rolling kind of difficult on my Wizard because the button you use also teleports me so When I’m rolling on loot Poof! I’m gone!  It wouldn’t be so bad except for the aggro range on some mobs are kind of large.

Social aspects? There are many different “servers” in the game and when you’re in a party with people you get put on the different servers often, but thankfully you can move servers.


Leveling up can be a little slow, and when you do you can level up your spells and become powerful. You can also get new spells with your points. So that’s kind of like DnD. But these spells are already set up for you to choose what you want.


All in all this game is fun, but it has its ups and downs.  I didn’t actually feel like I was playing DnD, it felt like an actual MMO where I worked with other people to do something or I worked on my own.

I give this awesome game 7/10 Lily points. You should check it out if you enjoy DnD =3 I enjoyed playing this game a lot with my friends =D

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