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Slashy Souls

I literally don’t know where to start with this game besides it’s a mobile version of Dark Souls. It combines a series we have all come to enjoy/hate (depending who you are) and the epic thing we carry around with us that’s basically a way to bring Facebook out in public instead of sitting at home on a computer/console/laptop/where is my car? This review is going to be a little short because of the game but that’s OK! I feel like this is a game everyone should know about  and I do feel bad that I didn’t review this one right away, and chose to do Kingdom Hearts instead!!!

This game is a scroller where you, as the title state, “slash” your enemies. It’s a hard version of Fruit Ninja. What ever happened to that game….I kind of miss it and my lightsaber sword. Ah went off topic! Oops!!!! The over all feel of this game is a mobile Dark souls. I’m hoping that’s what they were going for…. It’s dark over tones, ghastly skeletons and a tiny adorable Red Knight and his epic sword. For a mobile game, it looks pretty good and easy on the eyes. The scrolling is kind of intense if you look away for a second or even BLINK! Oh man, this game requires all of the focus!!!

The sounds are just a regualr slash n hack game with generic sword tings ect. Nothing too fancy. The music though was pretty cool to me. This is one of the few mobile games I can stand having the sound on!!

The most interesting thing about this game, is it was released by Game Stop. With that being said, I heard that they were going to start game developing! Very interesting if you ask me.  They’re working on Song of the Deep right now, and I will admit I’m super stoked about it. But going back to Slashy Souls…


This was a great fix for Dark Souls. The game is still up and around so please give it a try, and it’s totally free!!! However, for the sake of your phone, it is a frusrating game and the controls are a little wonky or unresponsive. I came across that a lot with that game, and made me lose interest pretty fast. But all in all with everything being said ect ect. The game itself fed my need for Dark Souls.

The game gets a 5/10 though. The controls kind of made the game harder than it needed to be. But the Music made up for it totally!!!


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