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Five Nights at Freddy’s

In the spirit of October, This month’s reviews will all be spooky scary games! This game is definitely one of those games! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being scared but this is insane o.o


Let’s start off by the story. You are a security guard working the late night shift at a Chucky Cheese Knock off. The pay is good and all you have to do it watch the cameras, and live until 6 am. Wait a minute…Live? Um…I’m sorry but I didn’t think I would have to worry about my life at a kids party place…. Every day you receive a recorded message from the person before you. He tells you that the animatronic animals that entertain children during the day, are out to kill you at night. This sounds like a Horror Movie…Like NIGHT OF THE LIVING ROBOTS!!!!! Well, you have one one way of protecting yourself. Shut the doors. Oh, so hard I know. But you have a limited source of energy to work with and everything you do besides moving your head uses the precious energy.


The first night is super slow, and you don’t have a lot to worry about except Mr. Psycho Bunny out to stuff you in a suit. Eep! You watch the camera’s and see where they are moving. But remember, everything you do uses energy. Ideally, I would want to keep all of the doors shut but you run out of Energy so quickly…and when you do run out…Oh boy. To your right, you see eyes light up and a happy song play as the eyes blink, once the eyes are done being scary you can either pray the clock turns to 6am or accept the fact you’re about to be stuffed into a roboy skin.


As you progress through the levels, the robots get quicker and more intelligent. It’s almost like they know your every move. I must admit, my favorite part of the Pirate Cove’s very own Foxy. The fact that she is so creepy, she is also the only robot that you know for sure what direction they’re going and you have a short time to respond. And let’s sure hope you respond fast…Now, let’s say you fail to react fast. This is when the scary part happens. If you fail to catch them they will get you. They will scream and they will act like inflatable flailing arm tube man.


Once you last past the 5th night, a special 6th night appears. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!!!! This version of the typical nights, you will get no calls and everything goes down right away. The AI are quicker and more deadly…Never thought I could be so scared of a video game. I don’t think I every jumped higher in my life!!! If you manage to get past the mysterious and deadly 7th night you unlock a special night where you can set the intelligence level. The higher you make it, the faster the AI come to get you and the less time you have to react.


Everything is a click base style, the flip the light on and to shut the door you hit the button.  You flip through cameras by clicking on them and monitor your fuzzy metal friends. The graphics are something that made this game stand out to me. It’s creepy as hell. When you see the guys staring at the camera with their mouth ajar with those cartoonish teeth, I about crap myself. It’s almost like they peer into your soul….and will slowly drive you insane and can actually through you off your game and possibly get you killed.


If you happen to enjoy getting scared, I recommend giving this game a try. It starts off super slow but it really picks up as the nights go on. It’s literally harder and harder to survive later in the game. I suggest playing this game in the dark with headphones. There are a lot of noises you can miss that can make or kill you.  Now, don’t be afriad of the dark and as long as you stay when the place is open you’ll be ok.


I give this game a wicked 9/10.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this game. The game belongs to Scott Cawthon and His subsidiaries.


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