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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

I want to start off by saying that I adore the KH series, but this isn’t a typical KH game so my passion doesn’t seem to want to interfere with this rating and review. Regardless let’s begin!!

When I came across this game, I got super excited! Like it was so hard to contain how I felt!! I came into this game, thinking it was a KH games, but I was slightly surprised. I know with it being a mobile game they cant actually MAKE the KH game, but it was close enough to make the Keybearer inside me squeal like a mouse!

Now, the story takes place after the KH series and you were born for this role. The darkness has returned and it’s up to you and your faction/kingdom to defeat the evil together and save the world!!! Wait…faction? Huh?! Oh yeah. You have to pick basically who you play with. What faction you want. The player system is like most other RPG games in this game. You take another players top medal to fight with, but you don’t actually play WITH them. So I was a little sad But this isn’t all.

With this being a Disney and Square Enix game, you do come across that will have you run around in a semi-open world area to kill remaining enemies or just do silly tasks for them. When you do get to run around, you do have options to avoid fights, but it’s kind of silly to do that.

The battle system is simple. You swipe to attack and during each attack, you have the option to use your medals, which are actually like a party system kind of. After you and the party have a chance to attack, it’s then the enemy turn to attack. Unlike a party system though, it’s all you that takes damage and dies. haha.

You are assigned missions to do, for bot Story purpose and XP, there are on average four to five battles and you run around the tiny area and collect things. The fights are all over in seconds and then you get the rewards. There are a lot of upgrade options in this game as well, so in case the game is getting too difficult, you can always try to make it simpler.

Now for the downside. Money. Money money money!!! Money makes this world turn. You can buy gems to use for new medals, restore stamina and increase your inventory for max storage! Other than the Jewel system, nothing else grabs my attention. A lot of ┬ámerchants are lacking items and it’s kind of sad. I may be expecting too much from this game, but at the same time it does have a KH feel.

All in all, this game was fun and exciting and I was super excited to play it, and keep playing it. I recommend this game if you have the time and are a big fan of the series ­čÖé It gets a 5/10.