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I can’t think of a Snazzy title.

Hey guys! August is here and it’s been a fun month so far! If you haven’t been paying attention, and I haven’t either, I got my art shop up and running and have been slowly adding things to my portfolio and it’s been a fun hit 😀 I have a few spots open if you need anything done, I’ll post the links before and don’t forget to check out the art tab as well if you happen to lose this blog post.


So, going back the the video game aspect of UMG, I wanted to add that I was aware that my reviews didn’t post. There was a lot of things that happened, and my attention had to to else where. From the Loss of one of my chinchillas, to a very busy schedule due to emergencies. I’m sitting here trying to get everything caught up and up and going before I can take a breath and smile. But that’s about it.

I love you guys! Those who have been here for years since I started this, and those just joining and enjoying the new and old posts! You guys are the best 🙂 Let’s make August great yeah?

Fallen Wish Art


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