Pokemon X

The next exciting installment of Pokemon has arrived! You get to explore new worlds and catch even more Pokemon! What are they up to now? 718 or something like that?

This game, I feel, did a great job with the integration of  of the 3D aspect of the game. I wasn’t a big fan of Black and White so I was a little skeptical of this game. But I soon found this game to be fun and “addicting”. I had a super hard time putting it down when I started it up.

The story is pretty much the same. You have to tell the Professor if you’re a boy or a girl. you’d think he’d know by now but that’s ok. Then you are given a starting pokemon with the quest to Catch ’em All! (TM). Seems easy enough? As you leave your home town you meet Pokemon both first gen and even Generation V. I was surprised at the diversity you encountered just in that little section outside of  Vaniville town. Another neat thing they added is as you go through the story and the different towns, you get to pick another Pokemon to join your team. Now, what makes this Pokemon special? It’s one of the first gen starters. I chose Squirtle =3 This is a little weird for me personally because when it comes to the starter Pokemon, I normally choose Fire.

The graphics are spectacular! The 3D element isn’t something that you always have to have on to enjoy the game, but it makes battles seem more “real” in a sense. I like how you can see more of the Pokemon Movement when they are attacking.  For an  example, when I have my Braixen use Ember, she pulled a stick out of her tail and casts flames out of it. I think that’s pretty cool, it gives the battling system a bit more flare instead of watching a cute little sprite move around the screen then stuff happens.  There are also some different times, like when you get a holo cast, you can move your system and it moves the background, like you’re looking around. I think that was pretty cool.

Music and Sounds are pretty up beat too. Like with the other gen games, they kept the original sound they Pokemon had.  The corky little 8bit growls and roars they had even the odd sounds that didn’t sound anything like any living creature. The neat thing that they did add something pretty awesome. Pikachu is avaible to catch in the game when you are walking around, you don’t need anything speical for them. The nifty little thing about them, they don’t have their 8bit sound. They actually say “pikachu” and “pika”  The music is also very beautiful and really helps with setting up not only the towns but the battles too.

There are now fun ways to raise Pokemon stats as well as how much they like you.  There are several mini games you can play with one of your party members, and on if you complete the game or not depends on whether stats raise or stay where they are. You can also feed Pokemon, puffs to make them like you more. But if you’re not into this kind of stuff do it old school style, Breed the best and become the best.

I give the game 8/10 Lily points =3 Pick it up, it’s totally worth it, especially if you are still really into Pokemon!  I enjoyed the time I spent playing it and I haven’t gotten frustrated like I have in some of the other games =D

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