Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter

Finally, after waiting for so many months, the Pokemon Bank and the Pokemon Transporter have finally been released on the 3DS!  This wonderful little addon is a great way to keep all of your pokemon in a nice safe spot for you to use later.  Just a quick note, In order to have access to the Bank and the Transporter you need to have the respective games in your 3ds. Pokemon X or Y for the Bank. Black/2 and White/2 for the Transporter

The Pokemon Bank, is strictly for the Pokemon X and the Pokemon Y games. You are given 100 boxes to store your caught Pokemon. To gain access to the bank, you will need to download it from the Nintendo store. The app itself is totally free, but they are adding a yearly (Yes, Yearly) charge to it. I will post a link below that goes into more details about the yearly charge. They aren’t that bad so about 5 USD to keep over 3000 Pokemon plus whatever you get from Black and White? That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Now, why did I mention Black and White? Pokemon Transporter, that’s why! The Pokemon Transporter is a neat little download you get from the Pokemon Bank that allows you to add your Pokemon from Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 to your Pokemon x or Pokemon Y game! All you have to do is inside your Black/2 or White/2 game is put what Pokemon you want in your X and Y game they need to be in your PC Box 1 and it moved the entire box to the Pokemon Bank. To get those Pokemon, you open your bank and go to the Transport Box and they will be right there! =D

It tells you in the transporter but just in case you don’t want to read that. Any Pokemon that you transfer from any of the black and white games, will not be able to go back to that game. It will be permanently on the X and Y game. Any nick name given to the Pokemon in Black and white will be reset upon moving them as well.

So anyways, This is a fun and quick way to keep all the Pokemon (All 718 Plus some!) and become a Pokemon Master! WHOO! So go out there and Catch ’em all!!!!


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