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December Update

Merry December everyone! With the new month comes some pretty exciting news! For those who have been keeping up to date with everything, you know that I have lost my job. Though it sucks and puts a strain on my spending, I couldn’t be happier. My job kind of sucked…But that’s enough about that. If you want to hear more, you know how to reach me!


I also got a early present. A brand new computer =D How awesome is that? Games run more smoothly and more pretty so I can expand to some of the newer games and get to play them in Ultra settings =D I can’t wait to play more!


As  it sits right now, I will be absent for a few days when it comes closer to Christmas. And I will not be posting a new Review, video nor will I be streaming as I will be spending time with my parents and family. I miss them a lot since I moved and I don’t get to see them as often, so what time I get to spend with them is precious to me =3


So what can you look forward to this month? How about Alice: Madness returns, Borderlands 2 Psycho review, and a few other secret games. I’m also doing a run through of a few videos for my Friday videos as well as working on a nice little video for you all that is a even bigger secret =D Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Now, with all of you guys subscribing, liking and everything, I think it’s time to have some fun! What do you think? I’m holding an art contest. I want you to draw what you think a UnicornMuffin in =D The winner will have their artwork turned into my new Icon and gets to play a game with me =3 How cool is that? I can’t wait to see what you guys draw for me =D


To send me your artwork, please email them to me at make sure you check your emails for a reply from me! The contest will end the 18th is  December =D Winners will be announced the 20th.  So send me those pictures!!!!!!!


That’s all for December!! If you haven’t, and boo on you, please Subscribe to here, Follow me on twitter and like me on facebook =3 Help get my name out there and expand the UnicornMuffin team =D