FFXIV: Final Review

First off, as I have said before, this game is beautiful. It brings life, once again, to the Final Fantasy Universe.  The Duty timers for a Tank are quick. Most of the people are smart….ok..some people are smart. They know their class and what to do.

But…I do have some bad thoughts about the game.
For those who play, Error Code  1017 seems to be many peoples best friends. It literally takes up to an hour to get on and then you don’t want to log off because you wont get back on, making it near impossible for others to get back on. There’s word now there will be 4 new servers introduced, but why weren’t these introduced at launch? I mean seriously…I like this game as much as the next but this is just plain stupid. We’re paying to play.

Healing…WHM are worth nothing. As your level increases many of the bosses do AOE damage and WHM are terrible for this. If you want to heal, go Scholar. You have a nice AOE and a cute little fairy =D The cutest tiny fairy!

Leveling is a pain now. Nothing gives a good amount of EXP for the level you are. Here’s a wonderful example: I am a level 38 Paladin. On overage  I get 9k xp per quest. It takes 304k to level. It should be bumped up a little bit. I’m not saying make the level breeze by, but 9k is dumb. And the only way to actually level “fast” is by F.A.T.E Grinding. And you have to get there quick or you don’t get anything.

I’m officially mixed on this game. I love it but I hate it.  I’ve done my say on this game. The worth of the game is based on each person. I still say give it a try. Once you get the time and a deceant pace going it’s fun. But there are still large bumps to over come just to get on.

My final score for FFXIV:RR is 7/10 Lily Points. It may increase when all of the stupid bugs are fixed.

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