Rules for Baldur’s Gate Interactive Stream!

So, you want to be the party members? Fantastic!! There’s a few things you need to know to get on the road to Baldur’s Gate!!! There are a few things that you cannot control and that is mostly the background skill checks. Even I can’t control those. But you, YOU have the power of these mighty heroes and YOU get to decide the story!

1) All dialogue choices you make! There is an overlay for this game so you all can vote. I have the last say in everything but I normally follow the votes ( I can’t think of a time I didn’t follow that rule though)

2) There will be polls for you to decide where we go next! Do we do the main story or go off on a side quest? I am just the DM. You are the Party.

3) If you want, you are allowed to pick a specific character to control. When combat is on your turn, you are welcome to chose your spells and your targets. Don’t worry I will let you know when/if you can control character.

4) Don’t purposely ruin the story for everyone. I.E When in combat your always use AOE’s that will hurt your team or other trolling type of moves. Be nice or you will no longer be able to participate in any interactive streams, or they will be done with all together.

5) Have fun. The whole point of this is to have one with everyone. We are a guild! If we can’t have fun then I dunno what else to do!

Come check it out