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Just a little blog!

So, I have been trying to be more active on social media, here and twitch as well. I will admit it’s been difficult with last week and trying to keep up to date with everything. For the time being, it’s easier to blog then review like a winner haha. But don’t worry, I will still review games and still post them, so I got this 😀 More than likely, it will be a lot more Switch and handheld games until I get a little bit more time!

So, this month has been interesting, and the last week was horrible. Saki, one of my chinchillas, got very sick last week, when we took her to the vet we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, but she was showing signs of some sort of respiratory infection so we got her on antibiotics. On Saturday, the 18th, she passed away. It hit me very hard. She was one of my rescue chinchillas so I had to spend so much time getting her used to human interaction. It was just hard. But I have Happy.

Speaking of her though, she’s a bit under the weather too. She has a little foot infection going on but we’re hoping with antibiotics and special soap we’ll nip it in the butt before it gets worse. I’m just hopeful we’ll get it 🙂 She’s a good kitty! With out her I’d be very lost.

On that same week on Tuesday, I blew my knee out again. Same deal as in January but a lot worse. We have to get an MRI to see how bad it is this time, but I’m pretty sure this time will result in surgery. So I’m a bit anxious to have to deal with this. So this has been a rather sleepless, stressful and highly anxious week. With just everything happening and going on, it’s just been almost too much for me.

There are some good things tho. I finally got to clean up my house today, and sit down and write this blog. I also have gotten my Planeswalker from the War of the Sparks (Yes, I play MTG) It has been a great way to forget what’s happening in the real world and I love it. I will say I haven’t played a lot of MTG in several years but I got back in after almost 18 years with Core 2019. I made a sick mono black deck and I have slowly added Spark cards to keep it standard. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. It’s a Lilliana deck. WHAAAAT?! heh…yeah I’m like that.

But keep an eye out for the next reviews, I got this. I always pull through. I have a lot of games in my backburner to play and review so I can do this. I got this. It’s just been a little tough. I’m sure you can all relate. I love you all! I hope you feel the same!!

Much love this month!