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Starting up a podcast

You all heard that right, and as I’m typing this blog out to you all, I’m editing the audio file and then I will post it! How epic is that?

A good friend and I have started up a podcast. We’re calling it 8 bit podcast 😀 Our first episode  wasn’t rehearsed and I enjoyed making it and there’s more to come! How exciting!


Right now just doing some last minute editing but then I’ll have it up and running for you guys to listen to and download. It’s Free too 😀

WHHAAAAAATTTT FREE?!?!?! Hell yeah guys! Donations are accepted but this podcast is totally free 😀

Gaming with Friends: Science Victory? NOPE

Another awesome installment of Civ 5 with my friends! We were aiming for a science victory and was very close but someone…The Maya…decided other wise. I think it was an act of Revenge due to the fact he couldn’t get rid of the Embargo on his City or maybe the fact I used about 5 atomic bombs to beat the Huns. I don’t know! But it lead to a very exciting game!

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