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A Stanley Parable

This is a  game where you are controlled by the voice in your many ways to choose your fate.  The perfect way to end the work week.  I rather enjoyed this game.

You play as Stanley-number 427, a brain washed man who loves his job, or so he thinks.

You begin in your office and there is no one there, that is when youre introduced the voice that tells you where to go and what to do. There are a few different ways you can play.

If you choose to follow the voice you remain a brainwashed person, who does end up “leaving” the office and you are free to live your life…or are you? You are then brought back to your office, given the exact same paths You were given before.

If you choose to not follow your mind, you begin the story. You play a long for the moat part. Go up and down a hall way open doors. Over time the voice in your head gets very upset with you and “restarts your life” over and over again, trying to.get you to listen.

I won’t say anymore about the storyline as I.dont want to spoil Anything for you guys.


The controls were very easy to.use. WSAD to move and click on the mouse to move, but wait….when you mose creates a keyboard sound? Am…am I really dreaming? Or is this reality…..

This was a fun game. Listening to your mind talk was funny at times. I give the game a 8/10! This was a genuinely a fun game. If you get the free time you.really should check it out!




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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this game.


Path of Exile

Path of Exile has to be one of my top games for this year! The amount of customization you can do with your characters is simply amazing. I reccomend this game if you really enjoyed Diablo!


Each character you can choose from are set with no appearance customizations. Each has their own story as to why they have been Exiles.  Some of their stories are very absurd while others are simple. I happened to choose the Witch as my character. She was made fun of and taunted in her town but as time went on she got even and stole the towns children.


Questing is very fun in this game! You get the chance to explore the area, which changes when you log in and out. There are different areas you can explore each having a waypoint so you can return to town and then return to adventuring.


Leveling and gearing up are fairly simple to do as well. You fly by levels so quick it’s hard to keep track of what level you are! In just under 3 hours I went from level 3 to level 17! As you kill mobs, gear drops. But like a few games, what drops on the ground isn’t just yours. It’s shared loot. So if you’re playing with a fried, it’s best to work out loot rules. When I played with my Friend, we ended up quite lucky as we needed different stats on our gear so we haven’t butt heads yet.


When you level up, you gain points to use in the gigantic talent tree.Each time you add a point to a branch you get more powerful or gain more health/mana. When it comes to learning spells however, you have to find gems. Each Gem is a certain color and those colors coordinate with slots on your gear. Some gems are just for stats while other increase a spell you have or just grant you an al new spell. You also get the option to level up your gems too. This increases the stats of the gems making them more powerful. YOu can also remove a gem before you sell an Item so you are not at a loss of spells.


For the size of this game, it’s very neat and tidy. The graphics are pretty well put together. You feel like you are in the area you spawn in. Foot steps in the water, trickling sounds from the ceiling. The environment is fairly interactive in the sense that if you run into it it moves or makes a sound.


All in all, this game is pretty fun. I do feel that once the game is beaten there may not be much of a replay value. But this game is Free to Play so it never hurts to make new characters and try out the other classes.  I give this game a 7/10!


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