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Comment Update!

Hi guys! A lot of you have been leaving comments, and I appreciate it! However, most of the comments don’t have anything to do with the reviews. ┬áIt’s not that I don’t want to hear from you guys, I really do! I like knowing what you have to say to me…it’s more that I would like comments to be about the review, the blog or about my videos.
Right now, we are working on an easier way for you guys to get a hold of me with out going through a long process of coping my email/skype name and so forth.

Until then, if you have comment that is not about the game, a game suggestion or some constructive criticism, please email me at or add me on skype at UnicornMuffinTV!!

I do like hearing from you guys so keep up the comments! I can’t wait to hear from you all more!!!

As always, please subscribe to here to keep updated on what’s going on, Send a thumbs up to my Facebook page to receive daily screenshots, jokes and twitter updates. You can also follow me on twitter (@unicornmuffintv) to keep posted on what’s goin on with my Twitch and my Tumblr!

Thank you all for your support! Together, we can make this happen!!



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