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Gaming with Friends: Science Victory? NOPE

Another awesome installment of Civ 5 with my friends! We were aiming for a science victory and was very close but someone…The Maya…decided other wise. I think it was an act of Revenge due to the fact he couldn’t get rid of the Embargo on his City or maybe the fact I used about 5 atomic bombs to beat the Huns. I don’t know! But it lead to a very exciting game!

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Civilization V: Brand New World- A look into the New content!


Hey guys! Friday’s video is up! This week I give you guys  a look into the new Civilization expansion back for Civ 5! Brand New World adds new countires, Polices as well as new ways to get in touch with neighboring countries! It’s a very exciting expansion!

If you’re into these kind of games you need to give it a try! =D

I really recomend this game if you have a lot of time to kill and have a couple of awesome friends to play it with! And did I mention Shaka Zulu is there? Awe yeah!!!!!!