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May showers bring…wait what?

So May is almost here, and with that, new games are arriving! How exciting! With the start of the new month, brings the start of a few updates and changed to UnicornMuffinTV, UnicornMuffin Games and Fallen Wish Art!!!

Let’s begin with Lily! Oh hey that’s me!!! It’s been a fun and exciting April for me! We got our Podcast off to a fantastic start and added another to the crew. Who could ask for something as epic as that?  Me? Or am I just the only one? Hmm I don’t know anymore!!!

So now it’s time for the news everyone is probably super interested in. What changes are coming?!Before I start, Take a big deep breath. It’s nothing bad, I promise!!!

The biggest change I have to announce is that UnicornMuffin Games is now a part of a Podcast, in case anyone missed the news! I am one of the host on 8-Bit Podcast. This is an entertainment podcast around the subject of gaming. We have various topics we go over as well as have debates and discussions.


There is a link in our Contact page for those interested in seeing the past episodes. We are live every Tuesday 10 am Central Standard Time on ! So come support us and enjoy some good laughs 😀


As always, I want to thank every single one of you for your support! I do it all for you guys!!! 😀

Starting up a podcast

You all heard that right, and as I’m typing this blog out to you all, I’m editing the audio file and then I will post it! How epic is that?

A good friend and I have started up a podcast. We’re calling it 8 bit podcast 😀 Our first episode  wasn’t rehearsed and I enjoyed making it and there’s more to come! How exciting!


Right now just doing some last minute editing but then I’ll have it up and running for you guys to listen to and download. It’s Free too 😀

WHHAAAAAATTTT FREE?!?!?! Hell yeah guys! Donations are accepted but this podcast is totally free 😀

May the Fourth

This time every year, I get super excited. Normally I have the day off so I can enjoy all of the Star Wars movies, but today I do have to work. It’s a slightly sad day but that’s ok! The fact that I can enjoy the day with you guys and my friends makes it alright working!

So with all of that being said, The next reviews are in the making and I will post one of them today and get back in the groove.

May the Fourth be with you!1

UnicornMuffin does the Ice Bucket Challenge

January Update

Brr! January sure is cold here!!! And with that comes snow, Ice and other wintery goodness!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and brought in the New Year with a BANG! We sure did!


With the begining of a new year brings the new Video Game Era. With the release of the Next Gen Consoles, many people have been staying inside their nice warm house and relaxing.


We here at UnbicornMuffin Games have been hard at work playing games for you guys and give you the 101 about them! This month We have a lot of games lined up! From PC to Mobile! You can expect an exciting review every monday from yours truly!


I have fallen a wee bit behind on some of the videos due to the holidays as well as being sick! But don’t worry! I am feeling SO much better and will be catching up on my sick days!!!


If you have any game suggestions, comment below or send us an Email at!


As always, don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!


Let’s bring in the New Year Right!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from the Unicornmuffin Games team =D We are thankful for you guys helping make this a successful team and can’t wait for what there is to come =D Hope you all have a wonderful time and get to spend it with loved ones =D

I’m not sure what tomorrow is going to hold for me, I do believe I’m getting “dragged” out to go shopping but I will defiantly try to get a video up for you guys =D

We want to know if you had a awesome Thanksgiving too! What did you eat? Hmm Turkey hopefully =D Do you have any strange traditions?

Join the guild and Watch live!
Unicornmuffin has signed off.