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Hey guys this is the last Blog post for the year!

Man where has time gone? Like seriously. Its just so amazing how fast this year went. There was just so much that happened, I don’t know what to even recap for the year with regards to me.

The major thing that would be the thing to talk about would be the rebranding that happened earlier this year. I went from Unicornmuffin Games to UnicornMuffin TV. With the real focus being on becoming a streamer with multiple talents, I felt that this was the right direction to go. With getting my laptop fixed and a new touchscreen tablet PC I can put my plan into motion going into 2020. It has been a great start being UnicornMuffin Games but I just felt it was the right time to move on to more things and find my joy in livestreaming again.

Next year, I plan on keeping up with my schedule and keeping with doing what will make me happy. Being happy while streaming is something that is very important to me. When I’m not happy, I do find it very hard to keep up with everything and just want to give up. I am going to note, with the new changes to YouTube, I am not entirely sure what I’m going to do on that platform. Besides trying to sate my potty mouth, I feel like my content follows the rules but only time will tell. I’ll be posting my new stream schedules weekly on Discord, Mixer and Twitch!

This year we also got to welcome a new furry animal into the house after the passing of Saki. Flower has been such a great addition to our house and I am so happy to have her. Though I miss Saki terribly, I know that Flower won’t replace her by any means. I’ve been working on making everyone in the family a emote. Right now the Mochi one is only available on discord. I’m going to be working on adding some more to Twitch and just have my furry family up there.

This year also gave me the honor of being an auntie to such an amazingly cute baby 🙂 My best friend in the whole world and my sister from another mister had a healthy baby boy in February. I’m hoping to be able to see him in February 2020 if all goes well. Every time I tried to this year, my knee didn’t want to stay together and fell apart a few days before the trip 🙁 I can’t wait to see him and it will surely be a highlight for 2020 🙂

This year has had so many ups and downs it’s very bitter sweet to have it end. Though I’m excited to see what next year and turning 30 will bring me, it’s kind of sad to let go of all of the happiness this year has brought. There were many tears shed, but there were also as many laughs. So, 2019, you may have sucked so much but you also made me happy.

All in all guys, I hope 2020 is the year for you. May it bring you so much happiness and laughter and your dreams come true.

From all of us here at UnicornMuffin TV, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Lily, Raine, Happy, Zero and Flower.

Hey guys :3

Hey guys what’s up? It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and wrote to you. I hope you can forgive me haha There’s been a lot going on, and the major part is the main reason why I have been absent. So we’ll start with what happened.

During the Kingdom Hearts 3 launch WAYYYY back in January…I in a sense dislocated my knee and royally messed up my entire leg. That’s right. It wasn’t fun, I had to get an ambulance to take me to the ER and just had am MRI here last week. Truth me told, for a solid month I wasn’t me. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand and eventually I couldn’t sit long enough to play any games to review or just to stream.

So, up until a few weeks ago I wasn’t myself and it made keeping up with things difficult as I was literally out cold or loopy from having to take pain meds to be a functional human being. I still have trouble today, but at least I can walk for the most part. With that being said, my knee wasn’t healing right and we had to do the MRI. There wasn’t any damage to the tendon or ligaments so there’s that for me. Now we’re unsure where to go since physical therapy wasn’t doing anything for the popping, locking and shifting it was doing. But I have hope 🙂

So with myself being back to normal, I do believe next week I’ll have the time to sit down and start streaming again. It’s amazing what happens when you can’t walk and do daily chores for a few months. But I’m almost caught up in cleaning So I’m super excited about that. I also have to get caught up on my Anime that I’ve fallen behind on haha There’s still a lot I need to do to be fully back to normal but I know I can get there 🙂

Well with all of that being said, I will get back to Streaming and reviewing here shortly, I was able to play a few new releases so I can get those up in the que for you while I get back to normal!

I love you all 🙂

Year to date update

So, this is going to be posting this to everything but I am not dead. I’ve been a little sick but that’s about it.


I know I’ve said some things in the last post, and I wanted to go over what happened knowing that for the time being, I have it all figured out and fixed.  So here’s a month by month breakdown.


January: Winter finally got to me and with a mix of the seasonal depression and lack of motivation I couldn’t get anything down, nor wanted to do anything. It was rough, but I just NOW got over everything (But then it started to snow again FML). I did have a great birthday though…not a lot of people said or did anything but it was alright.

February:  Gosh, it was pretty much the same deal as January minus my birthday. I managed to get a few streams in but that was about it. At this moment, I was also informed of the declining health of my grandmother which was distracting enough. On top of that, my boss had me work a little more.


March: This was a rough month. I had two emergency trips scheduled and it took away my time. I did end up losing my grandmother at which point I was just done, mentally. I’m sure a lot of you can understand, or at least I hope you do. It’s been a rough start to the year, but I’m going to work hard on going back to the plan I had before. I’ve been playing a lot of the new games so the reviews may be a little late or out of order, but know I”m stil out there playing stuff..



So now for the new stuff. In case you haven’t read the other blog post I still have a plan set up to make 2018 such an awesome year.  So what can you expect? I’m also adding a little bit more


A) I will be trying to do late night streams as well as utilize my time off to make the most of streaming. With that being said I’m also adding more to my stream like more creative streams and trying to get away from WoW, shocking I know!

B) I’m going to set up a schedule for myself for my reviews, blogs and other funness. I’m also trying to work out how to bring the podcast back. I had a lot of fun with it and I think it’ll be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

C) I am working on a Patreon for you guys. So what does this mean? I can offer you guys a ot more for being a fan and follower. I’m getting it all put together and will hopefully have it up and running here in the next few weeks

D) Fallen Wish is on a slight pause. It will reopen when I get everything situated. to be honest, With the depression and the loss of my grandmother, my house is still messy and I need to focus on that until I feel comfortable enough to focus on all of my tasks

E) I’m going to be working on new pieces and icons for blogs and other things so keep an eye out for that.

So with that being said, that’s all I have right now. So you can expect to see me more active on here 😀 YAY!!!

Firecrackers in July make for the best Blogs!

So, hey everyone! What’s up? I mean I suppose you can comment but other than that I may never know. So, I bet you’re wondering where I have been….You’ve seen me on twitch and beam/mixer and YouTube of all things so why haven’t I been posting here? Funny story, I had everything saves and ready to go but then my computer had this weird burp, and well let’s say everything got deleted and, gosh darn it I am mad! Several reviews gone!!
So anger aside there are several fun new things going on as well as a few sad things….Let’s get the sad news out of the way. For those who don’t follow on Twitter or Facebook, I sadly annouce one of my chinchillas passed away on the 2nd of this month. It has been rough recovering but for the most part, the wound scabbed over.


Now, for the best news! I got affiliated on twitch. The best part is now I have a subscription button that will give you access to the cutest emote ever! My little chinchilla Zero in sunglasses. In a way it’s telling you to Chin with it 😉 Sorry, bad jokes i know. But that’s what I am here for heh.  So, if you want to use the cuteness, feel free to subscribe! You won’t regret it 😉


That’s really about it for the time being, I’m going to be working on the other reviews now and get them scheduled to post here starting next week hopefully! Gotta get myself back in this groove ya know? Anyways, thank you everyone for all of your support. I do appreciate every single one of you!


Much loves,



May the Fourth

This time every year, I get super excited. Normally I have the day off so I can enjoy all of the Star Wars movies, but today I do have to work. It’s a slightly sad day but that’s ok! The fact that I can enjoy the day with you guys and my friends makes it alright working!

So with all of that being said, The next reviews are in the making and I will post one of them today and get back in the groove.

May the Fourth be with you!1