Stream Rewards

I see the DKP is burning a hole in your pocket. No worries though! If you don’t fancy spending it on the mini games AndroidMuffin has, then spend it here making me do silly things or even some pretty awesome things.!!!! 

Note: Currently, there is nothing for youtube and commands for Mixer and Twitch may vary, please bear (hue) with me as  I try to make this the best possible expierence for everyone!

Thank you!

Twitch Rewards

!rtablet (1000DKP) – I use my tablet to play any GAME  for 30 minutes. This rewards will not work if I am doing a creative stream.

!quicksketch (3500 DKP)- I stop what I’m doing and quick sketch something in under a minute. If I don’t, you get 900 DKP plus a shout out!

!rmacarena (5000DKP)- I will dance to that famous 90’s hit. Yes, I will do it!

!rsing (4000DKP)- I’ll sing you a song :3 I’ll give you a list of songs I know 😀

!songrequest (500DKP)- I will play you a song from Spotify, who knows I might sing it as well. This revward is only valid on non request streams, there will be an Icon in the top right corner of the screen on those days.

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