Session 5

When we last left off, the group was in the Witchy Woods on their way to kill the witch or so you’d think. As you remember from the last game, the group was doing the WoW quest for Abby Lewis, the little girl who wanted to find her friends to have her tea party with. The group, after some fun little hints ans clues and a lot of nose wiggling from yours truly, reunited the little girl with her toys. As they left, Abby game them pictures of her friends before she vanishes in the door way. From there the group gets lost in the woods.

They eventually came to a dead end with two Ravens sitting on a rock, and here they learned how much Miss Mary liked them. I had created such a nice poem for them, and I think it did too much of a good job getting them out of the woods.

Here it is:
Abby’s new friends we have quickly found
Miss Mary wants you to hear our sound.
Miss Mary says that the friends need to go
Or else she’ll put you Six feet below.
Miss Mary has plans for each one of you,
And trust us, this will be nothing new!
A fine purse out of you, a new boney servent of you.
The deer and the giant are not wanted here so go get shoo!

I guess that was enough for the group to be ike whoa nope we’re outta here. Because that’s exactly what they did. The idea to kill Miss Mary vanished as fast as the illusion to allow them to escape disappeared.

So, with that the group make it to the town and where Vinny has to roll another saving throw. Which they failed. Causing them to get to the next level of the plague. Poor thing 🙁 They manage to make it to a town where they get a doctor to look at them and they inform them this is something they haven’t seen in several years and the only true cure wqas a gods blessing. From there the Doctor informs them the gods that cured the people before was named Yuri. (oh no)
The group then calls up Yuri but her assistant answered and they began taking. he confirms it’s the same Yuri then asks why. They tell him that Vinny is super sick. He then asks, a very important question.
Fitz: Well did you guys go to her Shrine and get her blessing?
Vinny: I think so
Me: Nope. You guys bought the alcohol and wanted to go but instead you got super excited to leave the town you didn’t go. (I then showed them the notes I had made)
Vinny: Oh I guess we didn’t….How long do I have?
Fitz: Well It seems like about a week in a half or so. I suggest coming home and getting fixed, there’s things you need to do here.
The group then comes back home because it was made clear they were about a week and a half from the giant quest not including the time to kill them. They joked about letting Vinny die but they did end up coming back.
So the group meet up with Fitz who takes them into the war room where everyone has gathered. They see their boss seemingly able to see (this is important)

After the warlords disperse, Yuri greets the group as her eyes go from Jade to white and she’s unable to see again. They ask her what was going on ans she explained how she was blinded by a god trying to seek her powers after brother passed away. It was a common thing among gods. Innocent right?
DM Mistake 3: I began to explain the process to the group and two of them started to get an idea…

Yuri: So during a fight for my god powers he threw poison at me and it caused me to lose my sight,
Liet: So gods can fight other gods for their powers?
Yuri: Yes, they can.
Liet: Can mortals do it?
Yuri: None have succeeded why?
Liet: But it’s possible?
Yuri: I mean….I don’t know.
Liet to Kit: We should try to Kill Yuri and gain her powers
Kit: *nods*
Me: oh come on guys……haha….don’t.
Liet: What do you think of this type of barbarian with htis race?
Me: are you serious?
Liet: I mean if I die….I’d want to reroll.
Me: You’re serious

And that’s where the session ended for the most part. The group walked and talked and were told they are going to Yuri’s home country and castle to see what’s going on. There’s a lot of rumors out there so they need to prepare.

Will the group succeed in the new land? Will they kill their boss? Find out next session!

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