Hey guys this is the last Blog post for the year!

Man where has time gone? Like seriously. Its just so amazing how fast this year went. There was just so much that happened, I don’t know what to even recap for the year with regards to me.

The major thing that would be the thing to talk about would be the rebranding that happened earlier this year. I went from Unicornmuffin Games to UnicornMuffin TV. With the real focus being on becoming a streamer with multiple talents, I felt that this was the right direction to go. With getting my laptop fixed and a new touchscreen tablet PC I can put my plan into motion going into 2020. It has been a great start being UnicornMuffin Games but I just felt it was the right time to move on to more things and find my joy in livestreaming again.

Next year, I plan on keeping up with my schedule and keeping with doing what will make me happy. Being happy while streaming is something that is very important to me. When I’m not happy, I do find it very hard to keep up with everything and just want to give up. I am going to note, with the new changes to YouTube, I am not entirely sure what I’m going to do on that platform. Besides trying to sate my potty mouth, I feel like my content follows the rules but only time will tell. I’ll be posting my new stream schedules weekly on Discord, Mixer and Twitch!

This year we also got to welcome a new furry animal into the house after the passing of Saki. Flower has been such a great addition to our house and I am so happy to have her. Though I miss Saki terribly, I know that Flower won’t replace her by any means. I’ve been working on making everyone in the family a emote. Right now the Mochi one is only available on discord. I’m going to be working on adding some more to Twitch and just have my furry family up there.

This year also gave me the honor of being an auntie to such an amazingly cute baby 🙂 My best friend in the whole world and my sister from another mister had a healthy baby boy in February. I’m hoping to be able to see him in February 2020 if all goes well. Every time I tried to this year, my knee didn’t want to stay together and fell apart a few days before the trip 🙁 I can’t wait to see him and it will surely be a highlight for 2020 🙂

This year has had so many ups and downs it’s very bitter sweet to have it end. Though I’m excited to see what next year and turning 30 will bring me, it’s kind of sad to let go of all of the happiness this year has brought. There were many tears shed, but there were also as many laughs. So, 2019, you may have sucked so much but you also made me happy.

All in all guys, I hope 2020 is the year for you. May it bring you so much happiness and laughter and your dreams come true.

From all of us here at UnicornMuffin TV, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Lily, Raine, Happy, Zero and Flower.

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