I am a big fan of Minecraft and Technic. I like the idea of building things and surviving. There is one thing that this game lacks. Guns. Now in Hexxit you can have guns, I’m very aware of that. But Common…a Minecraft-esk game with guns, helicopters, tanks and other awesome vehicles that you can ride around in and kill people? Yes please!

The controls can be a bit buggy and can hinder your game play slightly but when they work and when you aren’t being shot at, the game is very fun!

There is one interesting bug where you get stuck in a helicopter. Flying around waving your arms in the air going “Wheee I’m flying a helicopter!” Admit it, you’d do it. How can you not?

The guns are fairly accurate..some way more than others…and more then they should be. As with any FPS, You have the “no scope head shot” people and those “HAXOR NOOB” people.

During my game play, as well as watching my friend play, there were people who seemed to be cheated. They’d get shot in the head and not die ( Oh yeah if you get shot in the head in this game you’re dead.)

Other then the controls being silly and some of the people who can’t seem to enjoy the game with out being a cheater, I give this game a 8/10 Lily points. Check it out!!  =D

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