FFXIV: Beta Review

I was lucky enough to get a chance to try the beta. I must say, I cannot wait for this game to be released so I can play once again.

The game in itself was beautiful. The graphics were realistic and well made. I had no lag at all with the game at the top settings.

The game play in itself was very easy to get use to and not very complicated at all. My only real complaint was the quests were you had to hand over things to a NPC. I felt it was unnecessary to click on the item, especially if you have to hand over more than one, and then click another button that give them the item.

Leveling up was quick and easy,if you didn’t run out of quests. Not sure how I managed that, but I was quest-less a few times and had to grind on a few mobs to get to a level where I had quests.

The features they added to the game are pretty cool too. You have a room where you can sleep, see all of the cut scenes you were a part of as well as summon a companion NPC that will hold things for you and sell them when given the command. You also get your very own Chocobo that is customizable , I think that’s a very nice touch.

Here’s my favorite part, the jobs and classes. You have the typical FF classes and jobs. I like how they kept with that. What I wasn’t a big fan of is the class that I had chosen (Paladin, incase you were curious) changed after the beta was closed. I now have to level much more then I had to. I’m still sticking with the class, and will review  that later on.

All in all, I give the game 9/10 Lily points. I’m very excited to play the game this Saturday!

Happy gaming friends!

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