ESO Beta? Yes please!

I have received a ESO Beta Key! How exciting is that? I get to try out the new installment of the Elder Scrolls Universe! I want to share this opportunity with you all! Tomorrow evening, I will be doing astream while playing. Sadly, I cannot show you any game play or screen shots or really talk about it =( Boo I know but this can still be something very exciting for everyone to enjoy =D So just come in and say hi =D

If you have gotten a key as well, I’d love to know what you think of it so far =D I have a few things I dislike, but this is a first wave beta and I’m pretty sure they will change as it gets close to the release!!!

So, don’t forget tomorrow Evening keep an eye out for my stream! If you don’t want to keep hitting the refresh button, please follow me on twitter @UnicornMuffinTV =D

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